Dental Despair

[During my recent travels in America I was almost immediately upon arriving plagued with the irritating pains of a wisdom tooth.  One of the few things I was able to write while away was the following poem, where I try to make light of my suffering and attack the dental profession, even though they weren’t involved.  I have more incomplete thoughts and scribblings about this subject of wisdom and pain so look forward to my own nonsensically comments over the coming weeks.  For now i hope you lovely readers enjoy…]


Dental Despair


Beset by the tortures of adult teething pains

Is a cruel enough fate to endure

To add insult to injury and drive you insane

Dentists have a joke, but no cure


They assign a name to these dental eruptions

Chosen to mock the poor patient

Spread with no fears of malpractice repercussions

For they control, the pain relief, medication


Dentists hold a belief that all adults are wise

That they know how to look after their health

Barely listening to their patients desperate cries

A waste of time, so a taunt is compelled


How else to explain the title wisdom tooth

Than a despicable dental attempt at humour

Forcing you to accept what they hold as the truth

That you’re foolish, no more than an ignorant loser


It’s a stereotype know the world around

That the dental profession is cruel

What I’ve said here isn’t really that profound

But I hope, it’s enough evidence, for you



Cameron D Hamilton 03/11/2016


10 thoughts on “Dental Despair

    1. Yes and no. They broke in a good few years back and stopped. They decided to flare up and move some more. Absolutely typical. Luckily I had a tonne of painkillers packed. It only started to get better when I was heading home… of course as a reward on the day of my flight home I caught a cold. Flying while I’ll is not fun.

      Glad you liked the poem. its just a fun jab but seriously makes me wonder who names this sort of stuff.


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