There’s a calming air

That settles in the night

A comfort

A security

A rarity

That’s never been felt

Not once

In the land that I call my home

It’s appeared unexpectedly

While exploring new worlds

Could I have found

A special place

I didn’t even know

I was looking for



Wide adventurous eyes

Can see the differences

The geography

The subtleties of nationality

Telling me quite clearly

I’m in a different country

I’m not from here

This isn’t my home

Yet the personality

Of this city

Of its people

Is accepting

Exuberant and bewitching

With its welcoming words

And outstretched arms

It invites a thought to burrow

Quickly taking root

That this could be a place

That I could belong



The world I grew up in

Shuns the outsiders

Those who break away from the mould

Those who want to evolve

Yet for there to exist

A world so many miles away

That can mirror home comforts

And embrace



Even though my culture

My references

My voice

Stand out more than at home

While the voices that echo all around

Are so very foreign to me

The voice I use

In its unfamiliar brogue

Is cherished and encouraged

Not for being different

But simply for being



A home

Unlike the one I grew up in

It’s one that I get to choose

Adopt and adore

Where all the trappings of a life

I’ve become accustomed to

Still exist

But more

Somewhere I can finally

Be myself

Unafraid of judgement

Unafraid to go outside and share in the world

A community that dares you

To live

To love

To leave

And not feel

 Like you’ve just left




Cameron D Hamilton 02/11/2016


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