There’s a Poem In That #008

[The following is part of my series of four line micro poems.  Today’s collection is a request made by after reading my last collection themed on Batman.  I was asked to write a poem on Luke Cage as the new series had just been released on Netflix.  So today here are three micro poems based on Marvels Power Man, Luke Cage.  I hope you enjoy!]



Heroes For Hire


If the crime in your city causes you to rage

If justice is hard to acquire

Danny Rand and his ‘powerful’ friend Luke Cage

Are available as ‘Heroes For Hire’



Sweet Christmas


When an ‘unbreakable’ bartender met a ‘powered’ private eye

They found a partner to meet their sexual limits

A lust for one another that simply couldn’t be denied

Earning the exhausted exclamation

‘Sweet Christmas!’



The Defender in Yellow


There once was a defender who wore a yellow shirt

He had unbreakable skin, so he never got hurt

Try and best him if you can

Hells Kitchens ‘Power Man’

But don’t be surprised if you land face down in the dirt



Cameron D Hamilton 01/11/2016


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