It’s time I’d said hello again to all you lovely readers and anyone who happens to pass by.  The past month has been rather interesting.  All the excitement and exhaustion from my adventures in America and the unexpected despair at returning home to Scotland to realise it doesn’t feel like home anymore.  Very interesting times all of it inspirational, as I try and move my big plans for life along.


So today the WordPress hiatus is lifted and I’ll be back to sharing my rambling nonsense with anyone who cares to read it.  I’ve missed being part of the community here and getting to see everyone else showing off their talents.


Every day at 16:00GMT you should expect to see a new original piece from me.  It’s been a weird month not interacting with WordPress but I hope that this time away has given me a fair bit to write about and entertain you all.


…and I should also say to anyone that commented in my absence, I will be replying shortly.  I haven’t forgotten about you lovely readers, trust me on that!


…so to all you lovely readers and occasional passers-by…



Cameron D Hamilton



11 thoughts on “Hello

        1. Oh I loved that part. As soon as I had Internet and maps I was happy. Just wish I was better with money but to be fair to myself I’ve learned so next time will be better.

          The pictures are a disorganised mess that im too lazy to get too. I’ll have them organised over the next few days. got a family dinner on Saturday so I’m sure there’ll be demands

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