There’s A Poem In That #006

[The following is part of my series of four line micro poems.  Today’s collection doesn’t follow a particular theme and is more a collection of prompts that have inspired my ramblings]



BA Meeting


With a timid hello I tell the whole room my name

And regale them with my tale, gaining confidence

It’s a comfort not having to keep living in shame

As I attend my first ‘Bloggers Anonymous’




The Bad Seed


I thought that I’d try my hand at some gardening

But I think I might have planted a bad seed

The whole misadventure was rather disheartening

Now my garden is fully covered in weeds



Water Cycle


When he drove his bike off the bridge

My first thought was, “He’s suicidal”

Splashing on water, onlookers were bewitched

That man had some sort of crazy ‘Water-Cycle’

Cameron D Hamilton 01/10/2016


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