There’s A Poem In That #005

[The following is part of my series of four line micro poems.  Today’s collection is for that Friday feeling exploring a little nonsensical naughtiness]



Pencil eraser


My backsides began to flake with its constant over use

It’s getting rather flat from all this repetitious abuse

Always there and happy to service anyone in need

But would you mind slowing down your erasing speed



Naughty Photography


I met this girl online who sent me a naked photograph

She was quite insistent that I send her one right back

Being rather shy I thought I’d try to make her laugh

So I sent her a picture of a duck, with the caption ‘Quack’



Panda Proposal


I’d like to propose that we all ignore the pandas

It’s clear they’re not fond of being watched

Would you like being gawked at by all those randoms

When you’re trying to get your naughty parts touched

Cameron D Hamilton 30/09/2016


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