There’s A Poem In that #004

[The following is part of my series of four line micro poems.  Today’s collection of comments taking their inspiration from real life]



Hot Crossed Offense


A Christian movement wants to change the name of hot crossed buns

As you might imagine their member don’t sound like they’re any fun

They find the name quite offensive and suggest we all call them spiced

I suggest there’s far better ways to show your love for Christ



Schrödinger’s Present


It’s become somewhat of a tradition, to torment my sister on her birthday

A pineapple, wrapped up in a box, so the ‘surprise’ isn’t given away

There’s a wonderful moment, before it’s been opened, that a real gift might be inside

That maybe this year, I’ll be kind and the torments will finally subside





I’m due a break after working so long

Today has been ever so demanding

If anyone needs me while I’m gone

Just tell them that I’m out, standing





Cameron D Hamilton 29/09/2016


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