There’s A Poem In That #003

[The following is part of my series of four line micro poems.  Today’s collection is themed around introspection]





Let’s raise a toast, to all of the tomorrows

May they be kinder than all the yesterdays

But take heed of all of those painful sorrows

They’ll propel you to live life in your own way






Are the monsters created inside my head

Friends with the ones living under my bed

Do they speak with each other in the middle of the night

Working on new way to give me terrible fights




Intense Apology


I’m sorry for acting way too intense

I’m usually more nervous and shy

Thanks for putting up with my nonsense

I’ll leave you in peace now, goodbye.



Cameron D Hamilton 28/09/2016


7 thoughts on “There’s A Poem In That #003

    1. This could be part of something much larger. it’s very autobiographical but also hypocritical as for as much as it says sorry it’s unapologetic in its theme that you can for someone so deeply that you’ll apologise but regret nothing and would do it all again just for the chance that the object of your affection would like it

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