There’s A Poem in That #002

[The following is part of my series of four line micro poems.  Today’s collection is themed around the home]



My Closet

I found a tennis ball in my closet

I don’t know why, I don’t even play

There’s a lot of junk in here to be honest

I should really look through it today



Sleeping Plans

Once you’re over the age of Twenty-Five you shouldn’t sleep on the floor

Your body isn’t really built, to handle the aches anymore

Always be sure if you’re going out, to plan your accommodation ahead

Or if you happen to be rather pretty, just go make yourself a new friend



 Floor Tiles

Why do you always insist on sitting crossed legged on the floor

You know I’ve got plenty comfy chairs, isn’t your backside sore

At least put some pants, if you’re going to sit on the cold floor tiles

I shouldn’t have to remind you, that’s how you ended up with piles



Cameron D Hamilton 27/09/2016



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