There’s A Poem in That #001

[The following is part of my series of four line micro poems.  Today’s collection is themed around the wise and noble owl]


Whu is Hugh?


This is the tale of a lovesick owl that one day stopped hooting “Who”

Instead her heart aches nightly and she lets out a hoot of “Whu”

The other owls were quite confused and replied with hoots of “Who?”

Frustrated with the other owls she hoots back “Not Whu…HUGH!”



Wise Owl


Owls have always been said to be remarkably clever and wise

The wisest in a parliament can be distinguished by their cry

Ever curious for knowledge to debate and analyse

Their wisdom is revealed by inquisitively hooting “Why?”



Postowl Delivery


If there’s one thing Ms Rowling’s writing taught me

Owls should really delivered the post

How delightful would a fine feathered mail carrier be

Dropping letters as you butter your toast




Cameron D Hamilton 26/09/2016



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