Once I started using
I really couldn’t stop
Everyone found it amusing
No sympathy as they mocked

It’s a rather messy habit
but I just can’t help myself
Sometimes I have to use it
even if it overwhelms

It brings a sparkle to my day
of which nothing can compare
An escape from all that’s dull and grey
in a magical affair

I make sure it doesn’t affect anyone
the only person at risk is me
There sure can be some strange outcomes
I wouldn’t want anyone else to see

I always keep a stash close by
just in case the need arises
Everyone can tell, when I’ve raided my supply
the flakes clinging to my skin advertise it

It doesn’t really matter if I’m being careful
It’ll still get everywhere
I’ve found the waste, can get quite stressful
as does making sure my friends are unaware

I’m not overly found of all of the mess
and when people see, I feel foolish
Yet it helps me escape from a life full of stress
but when I’m caught I fear for my coolness

When it all gets a little too much
I have to put my synthetic happy aside
It can become something of a crutch
that stunts my growth with the world outside

Even when I’m clean and sober
I still find residue in my bed
Never getting any real closure
from the vice the rules in my head

There’s no escape from her shimmering grasp
I fear I’ll never be able to fully quit her
With each flake that I find, I’m reminded of the past
My sparkling adventures…


…with glitter!

Cameron D Hamilton 29/05/2016


Source: Vice


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