History Lesson (Project: Chain Reaction #7)

Part Seven of the Project: Chain Reaction series.

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History Lesson


It was over.  In the past hour my entire world had been turned upside down and the adrenalin rush that surged through my body was finally over.  While Niall took a moment to grieve for his companion I finally caught a glimpse into something fatherly.  He called to his crew and gave out orders to ‘get his boat flying again’.  With a soft sullen voice he asked that what remained of Mia’s body be taken away.  He was gentle, he just lost someone he loved and even though this lifeless machine wasn’t his own blood, he cared deeply for it.  My legs shook as I attempted to stand, the fight was over, it was finally quiet and we were alone.  Niall wouldn’t look at me, he watched as Mia’s body was taken away.  Hiding his tears, hiding his emotions, trying to be a strong Captain?  In the span of an hour I’d seen so much, I’m understandably overwhelmed, but I had reached breaking point, body and mind giving in.  It was over.  My patience had reached an end.



Well this was a swell family reunion; we should do it again in another twenty years

My words spilled with an unfiltered and confused rage.  Niall turned to me and motioned to speak, but I wasn’t going to let him.

I didn’t ask to go for a ride on your spaceship, I didn’t ask to be pulled into your spy games and I certainly didn’t ask to end up nearly getting killed in a space gun fight.  Nothing here makes any sense, least of all the man who claims to be my father.

His posture straightened, I’m guessing it must have been a while since anyone has spoken to him in harsh tones, but I wasn’t going to stop.

I’ve wanted to know who my father was for so long and the man I’ve met has basically kidnapped me and tried to get me killed.  Thanks dad, you’re the best!

My entire body trembled as I faced down the man who abandoned me.  Glaring at him my voice continued to rise, begging to be heard.

Don’t get me wrong I love a good adventure, but seriously, I have no idea who you are and you’re trying to seduce me with a trip to the stars so I forget you’ve been gone my entire life because you’re some sort of intergalactic spy.  What’s going on here!?

Niall sighed, resetting himself for a history lesson.  One is deserved and one I needed if I was going to entertain sticking around.



I’m not human,” Niall started, “that is to say I’m not from earth.  Biologically we’re practically identical, but our cells decay at a far slower rate.  So you can thank me when you hit ninety and still look thirty.

My jaw dropped, “So I’m half alien!?If you’re not going to take this seriously just take me home” I scoffed.

He looked and me sternly told me to shut up and listen and continued.

The world I’m from is called Terra, it’s the capitol and first planet to have sentient life in the Moira galaxy.  There are three solar systems able to sustain life, but only one planet in each system.  The ‘goldilocks’ effect that allowed life on your planet is the same all over the universe.  All over the known, and likely the unknown universe, that phenomenon is the key to life.  Evolution can take different paths, but Earth and Terra have far more in common.  Being the oldest race by far we’ve discovered evolution isn’t as unpredictable as you might believe and we’ve been able to identify which species will become dominant.  Earth was the first primate evolved world since Terra, although, it wasn’t always that way, the evolution experts thought it was going to be a reptilian dominance at first due to the Dinosaurs. 

Over millennia liaisons from Moira’s Planetary Alliance launched expeditions to fledgling worlds to observe the evolution of the planets dominant race.  Not only did we discover evolution followed a pattern but not all ‘intelligent life’ was intelligent.  Self inflicted extinction events became common place but the alliance had dictated a directive that we couldn’t get involved with primitive species.  The Dinosaurs were on the precipice of something great and Moira could have prevented their extinction.  It changed everything.  The Intergalactic Intelligence Initiative, or ‘Trip-eye’, was formed.  Its purpose was to help guide a primitive world towards intelligence, not to create life but to nurture it and make sure that they don’t end up destroying themselves and their planets. ‘Goldilocks’ planets are rare, not just for the chance for life to evolve but for the resources they contain.

That’s where Caspian comes in.  He’s from a race of humanoid molluscs called ‘Sluscs’, one of the first species ‘Trip-eye’ discovered.   Relations were great until a new evolution event was discovered.  Two primitive species were at war for control of their planet, one feline and one mollusc.  Both showed potential but a young Caspian wanted the molluscs to thrive.  He commandeered a fleet and wiped out the feline population, uplifted the molluscs into a militaristic dominion and became a war lord.  He raised an army from fledgling worlds, seducing them with technology and appealing to base lusts for violence.  Anyone who wouldn’t join had their world pillaged for resources.  The alliance had a small fleet but only enough to protect the Moira galaxy and Earth.  Caspian only had limited access to the star maps of the Moira Stellar Cartography Institute, so his Slusc Dominion spends its time searching for new ‘goldilocks’ worlds.  His raiding parties try to steal intelligence from exploration scout ships like mine, but we’re no ordinary crew.



I’ve got to hand it to him, it’s a hell of a story.  He had more to say, but paused to let me process everything and ask questions.  It was a lot to take in, but there was only one question I cared to ask,

So, why am I here?



Project: Chain Reaction is a collaborative story telling concept by a small group of WordPress bloggers, brought together with the intention of writing a highly entertaining story.  For the second round of contributions each participant will write a passage using the theme of science fiction and referencing an existing sci-fi franchise, be it big or subtle, in the piece.  Each instalment of the story has a word limit and must not exceed 1000 words.  We still have no idea where the story is headed and plan to challenge each others creativity to make the full story a riveting tale.


The participants of Project: Chain Reaction are;


J:  Among other things, J

Cameron:  Cameron D Hamilton

Eric:  Wisps of Smoke

Cara:  If Pandas Could Speak


5 thoughts on “History Lesson (Project: Chain Reaction #7)

  1. Eric

    This was a stunning history lesson. Incredible detail! Also I am guessing the “reference” is to Star Trek’s Prime Directive? That gave me a chuckle. I really wish I wrote next.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Why thank you. I had so much more to say and it’s 1000 words to the last one.
      I went very subtle with the references. Prime directive is one as is the reference to Mia as a companion. it’s a mash up of doctor who companion ans firefly. I didn’t want to go over the top with my references just seed then as easter eggs.
      It was a very exposition heavy instalment but I think there’s a good bit of character development and so much needed answers.
      I’m really glad you enjoyed it, I actually wish I was writing the next part I have a few ideas I’ve seeded subtly that I want to address.
      Oh so much fun!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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