Brazen Wee Beastie

Brazen wee beastie running around my house

Scuttling up walls, far quieter than a mouse

Trespassing into my humble domain

Escaping the torrential downpour of rain



An eight legged intruder just making its way

To a warm dry spot for an overnight stay

Seeing a spider is certainly not rare

But the size of this one will cause a wee scare



It’s odd that we get such a startling fight

Despite having the advantage of lumbering height

The arrogant arachnid doesn’t show any fear

But the timid human being trembles when ones near



Frantically scrambling before it gets a chance to hide

It won’t want to risk capture and be thrown back outside

To be trapped under a glass doesn’t sound very nice

Especially when it means exile, from a domestic paradise



Far more humane than killing the pest

Your desires for murder are better suppressed

It’s not like it could have really caused any harm

Beyond your blood pressure raised in alarm



With the beastie removed your night can carry on

Cast out into the garden where they truly belong

Proving mans dominion and pest control power

Till you find three more when you go for a shower





Cameron D Hamilton 18/09/2016



18 thoughts on “Brazen Wee Beastie

    1. Ahahahaha. I usually find them in groups in the bath tub or sink. The one from the photo scurried across the floor as me ans my mother were watching a movie and when she went for a glass she found another one at the kitchen door. They are appearing a lot recently. Must be the weather.

      Glad you enjoyed this one!!

      Liked by 1 person

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