Public Transport Drunk

You annoy me

And you’re disturbing me

But worse

You scare me

I can’t put it any simpler

But still

I very much doubt

You’ll understand



You want to go home

I want to go home

All of us here

On this very bus

Want to go home

You’re not special

No matter what the vast quantities

 Of alcohol you’ve consumed

Tell you



You don’t interest me

Or anyone else

Forced to share

Your chaotic company

You’re unpredictable

And quite


The sour vapour

Emitting from you

Wafts its way

Through every inch

Of this small bus

As you hop

From seat to seat

On an intoxicated

Meet and greet



The driver

You’re so mercilessly abusing

Through drunken slurs

 Is obeying speed limits

Following the rules of their job

By stopping at the regimented stops

You know

For all the other people

Trapped on this bus with you

Wishing their journey

Was much quicker too

Only so they can escape

From the ‘drunken wonder’

That is you



The passengers

You’re unknowingly frustrating

Don’t have the time

Nor patience

To listen to your tales

Of drunken revelry

Yet you refuse to take the hint

People moving as you sit near

Debating whether to depart early

Just to get away from you

Everyone desperate to get home

But would rather be on the street


Than be in your presence

For one moment more



Earphones in around the bus

Trying to drown out the noise

No matter how loud

The music plays

We can still hear you prattle

Still hear you cackle

But no one is amused

If you must pretend

You’re entertaining us

Ca you please sit at peace

Will you just sit down

And stay put

Sure I despise your idiocy

But that good part of me

Doesn’t want to see you hurt

Even if you do deserve

A smack to head

To sober your senses




It comes to your stop


The passengers await your exit


Still mumbling incoherently

Making your way to the door

Crying out to us with goodnights

That will go un-replied

Relieved by the freedom

Of not having to listen


Exhausted silence falls

As you tumble out the door



The bus holds for a moment

Another one stolen

But someone has to care

If you’re not capable

of doing it yourself

Making sure that you

Find your feet

Find your direction

I order to get home

Waving to the bus

With another goodbye

Doors close

Our journey moves on

With the driver content

Your feet are steady

And with the calm serenity

After the storm

The silence of the bus is broken

With the whimsical words

“Awww, I miss him already”




Cameron D Hamilton 16/09/2016



11 thoughts on “Public Transport Drunk

      1. Emma Beane

        I have a few fond memories of other travelers going my way that I befriended – one gentlemen looked reputable so I’d sit next to him & he came to work in my office; he bought a used car & we’d carpool for a while, but he later became ill & passed away – he held many important jobs over his earlier years. an interesting man.
        But the last office I worked at I had to pass thru a seedy area of town – I saw more than my share of butt-cracks on the younger men when it was still allowed that they wear their pants just above their crotch, following a fashion fad.
        Well, enough of my reminiscing – Cheers!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Ahahahaha!!! Those are quote thr memories. there used to be a guy on the bus I’d take yo work who’d recite the same poem to any new person he met. problem was noone understood what the words were.
          I wish I had a personal driver hahaha…or was retired….well maybe not retired but working from home. Let’s hope this writing thing goes somewhere😄

          Liked by 1 person

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