Fade to Black

Everything spins
The light of the room
Swirls in bright hues
twirling phantom spots
Appear to dance
Through thinning air
Nothing sat still
Everything spinning



Compelled to move
To retreat
To find safety
Compelled to stand
Beset by nausea
Head knows what’s coming
Pleads to remain still
Don’t move
Don’t tempt fate
Says otherwise



Stood straight
Stood tall
Too fast
Head held high
Blood doesn’t follow
Striding for safety
Far too fast
Simply can’t keep up
A desperate purpose
Has head enthralled
A weakness
Tempting a fall



Sunlight from the window
Vision blurs
Surroundings hard
To recognise
Bright colours reign
Body being drained
Till white is all that remains
Sensory overload
All thought
all noise
All spinning
By deafening white
As it all fades
Into darkest black
And body falls
To the floor
With a thwack



Cameron D Hamilton 14/09/2016



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