They say it’s better to have loved and lost

But I’m not sure that I agree

They say its worth it no matter the cost

But the heartache is hardly easy



The say that love finds you when you least expect it

But all I ever find is more pain

They say that you’ll be stronger the you’ve been rejected

But I think that’s a rather dumb saying



They say that dating is like riding a bike

But they’ve not asked the length of my drought

They say that it’ll be easy once I find someone I like

But they don’t know what they’re talking about



The say that there’s plenty more fish in the sea

But I want the one that got away

They say there’s a perfect catch just waiting for me

But I find it hard to believe what they say



They say all you have to do is just be yourself

But I’m pretty sure that’s been the issue

They say if you’re confident you’re sure to excel

But that’s no good when my social angst continues



They say love comes to those who can patiently wait

But I’m losing patience, with these tired platitudes

They say that everyone has their very own soul mate

But mines is tardy, which I find rather rude



They say far too much and it’s bringing me down

But I know it comes from a good place

They say it with love to help rid me of my frown

But I wish love wasn’t so hard to chase



Cameron D Hamilton 12/06/2016



20 thoughts on “Platitudes

  1. Ah love…a slippery rascal it is. Wonderful poem, C, as always. And yes, people speak from a good place, but no one can foresee your future. And at the same time, sometimes they can see our situation more clearly than we can because we’re mired in it. You just keep being your awesome self and you’ll attract those you are meant to have in your life. ❤ Hopefully, that was neutral enough yet positive support? 😉

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    1. Awww why thank you my dear, oh so very kind!

      That’s the goal of life embrace yourself and the ones who matter will appear. Sometimes I feel the platitude of love is to end a conversation. It’s meant to close everything off as whomever your speaking too doesn’t really care. At this same time they can be comforting to some. I personally don’t feel like the particularly help but when they come from someone who genuinely cares it’s hard not to be touched.

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      1. I hear yah. 🙂 That can bother me, too. I’m a realist and am not a fan of sugar coating or tying bows around things that are messy because it’s more convenient. Hugs and love your way. ❤

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  2. Finding love is disillusioning, isn’t it. I’ve given up on all that soul mate stuff. Call me cynical, but I think if you just like someone and can share space in a living environment together without killing each, it constitutes as love

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really is!
      I’m not even quite sure what I’m looking for or if it even exists. I’ll keep plodding along though seeing what I can find I’d just rather not hear all the faux positivity from a platitude.
      I shan’t give up but I feel that if I’m putting in a lot of effort maybe they should try some too 😄

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