What If…

What if

I stopped

What if one day

I was gone

All the affection

All the adoration


Would you care

Would you notice

Yes it know its pathetic

The trail of thought I dwell in

But it’s  valid

You may not like it

You may not approve

You may ignore it

But lets face it

You do that already

So I’m pretty used to it



What if

I pretended

What if one day

I lied

And told you

The love was gone

Would that make a difference

Would you speak to me then

Yes I know this question

Is horribly pathetic

But it’s valid

I’m not like the others

That lust after your attention

If you don’t love me

It doesn’t matter

But you tell me you like me

That we’re friends

But I don’t know

Where I even stand

Are you scared

Because I promise you

I’m harmless

I just need to know

For as much as losing you

As a kindred friend

Would hurt me

The not knowing

Is breaking me



What if

We were honest

No pretending

No lies

What if one day

We actually talking

Like really talked

Not about unrequited love

Not about fantasy lives

About who we are

What we can mean

To each other

Its rare in the chaotic world

To find a kindred spirit

I know it’s a lot to ask

To let someone in

With as much baggage

And damage

As I have

But if we just talk

Maybe we can find


Be supportive

And encouraging



What if

We started

Being the friends

That will make life


But I can’t continue

To be the only one

Doing the work

If you want to fade away

That’s okay

I’ll get the message


 But don’t go

And abandon something

Without asking yourself

What if I mean anything

What if I’m worth it


What if…



Cameron D Hamilton 10/09/2016



20 thoughts on “What If…

    1. Desperate questions searching for nothing more than an actual answer same than indifferent silence.

      So very pleased you liked this!!

      Ah yes…thank you so much for the line check. Note to self don’t schedule posts at 3am when you’ve not slept in 36 hours. silly me 😋

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s really maddening especially when you have such affection and admiration for the other person. it makes you feel bad about who you are.
      I’m glad you enjoyed this, I wanted to do audio but it was scheduled at 3am and I was in desperate need of sleep

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you so much, it’s a lovely little cry to someone that may not listen.
        Did you do a ‘what if ‘ as well ahaha. Well I am so very behind on reading. I’m sure I’ll see it soon.
        …as to similarities that’s to be expected when we explore the same poetic world’s and can work together quite wonderfully. I’d say in sync but I prefer chaotically empathetic.

        Liked by 1 person

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