One Small Step

It always feels like

I’m one small step away



But right now

This very second

I refuse to take it

I honestly can’t say

 if it’ll always be that way

But for now

It’s one small step

One giant leap

Far too unkind

For me to take



Cameron D Hamilton 09/09/2016



9 thoughts on “One Small Step

    1. That’s a wonderfully positive outlook you have…I may need to borrow it sometime.
      This was just a musing. More ambiguous but tortured.
      I’m truly glad that taken your step saved you, it gives hope and in this chaotic world we could all use a little more of that ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s the thing it’s intentionally ambiguous. Though to me it’s bad I’ve tried to craft it in a way that taps into the reader. I’m not sure if it’s actually done as intended.
      It’s just that scary step that may hurt. The piece is less about me and more about interpretation. For now I’m staying put…well till my travels that is 😄


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