Happy Birthday Grandpa

[Yesterday was my Grandpa’s 77th Birthday.  As you might imagine it gave me an excuse to flex some poetic wordplay to personalise his birthday card.  I’m starting to think that this is my way of rebelling against all those cards that come with pre written messages.  Maybe its arrogance that I think my words or better, then again, I do actually know and love the person I’m writing for.  Anyway, I thought I’d share the poem here for all you lovely readers to enjoy…]



Happy birthday to my auld grumps

That’s another cancel on your cake

I hope you’re not feeling down in the dumps

It’s only a number for goodness sake


Another year older with hair just as white

But I’m quite sure you feel young at heart

Just be careful or you might give my mother a fright

If you start chasing the ducks at the park


Let’s have a toast with rum, not beer

To celebrate this very special day

Here’s to you and plenty more years

My auld grumps, have a Happy Birthday




Cameron D Hamilton 07/09/2016



2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Grandpa

    1. Awwww!!! That’s awesome I wish I knew before had I could have written for you something too! It’s not every day you turn 30!!
      I’m sure you’ve posted a wee something but I’m out of touch with reading so I’ll wish you a belated happy birthday here and I’ll make sure to get upto date on you ASAP!

      Oh btw off topic but I’m going to email you soon for some recommendations… Oooh ominous 😋

      Liked by 1 person

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