At a uncertain point, in most adult lives

There’s a gradual fade of their innocence

Having been exposed to far too much strife

Their hearts are opened up to wickedness



It can result in making them awfully cruel

As their focus is far more self centred

No longer as free as in childhood at school

Responsibilities have them tormented



In your ascension, your inner child luckily survived

To frolic in the wonders of imagination

It makes you stand out from the majority of mankind

Living focused on your artistic creations



Those unfortunate souls who grew up and lost theirs

Might make life difficult for you

Consumed and frustrated by all of their adult affairs

Looking down on all the marvellous things you do



You may become the target of envious rage

For choosing to study the arts

Not because of your talent on canvas or stage

But because there’s still innocence in your heart



They’ll try to convince you that this is a burden

That somehow it makes you less of an adult

Don’t listen to their lies, just be your own person

Being creative, is anything, but a fault



They’re jealous of all the creative skills you possess

And they’ll try and get under your skin

Wishing they had artistic gifts to wield and impress

Don’t dare listen and give up, or they’ll win



There’s no teacher or parent that can truly explain

How incredibly difficult it is to grow up

Be kind as those bereft of innocence complain

They simply wish they could rejoin the arts club



It won’t be easy navigating all the derision and contempt

It won’t be pleasant feeling that you’re despised

Take solace from the fact that in your adulthood ascent

That you’re creative innocence has survived




Cameron D Hamilton 07/09/2016



4 thoughts on “Survivor

    1. I think it’s an interesting message to embrace survival but keep kindness in your heart as those who have lost their innocence try to drag you down in jealousy.
      I agree there is an anthemic vibe to it in the message of being strong.
      Don’t forget the fedoras!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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