I Don’t Understand Why They Scream All The Time



Cries of the playful

Of youthful excitement

Pierce at the quiet

Of a sleepy cul-de-sac

School is now over

And so come the screams

Uncontrollable delight

Rings though the air

Bragging to all who hear

That it’s time to play

For all their energy

For all their passions

To explode



Locked up all day

Contained for so long

Bursting at the seams

Begging for release

Pleading to be free

And finally allowed

To simply be

But I don’t understand

Why in this freedom

They’re compelled

By a common urge

They just can resist

To scream



Maybe I’m too old

To really understand

But it annoys me

Disturbs my day

Interrupts my thoughts

Not that they’re much

To scream about

Every afternoon

Every weekend

I hear their jubilant cries

And have to wonder

Were we ever that bad

When we were kids

Sure we were rambunctious

Sure we were loud

But we never just

Ran around screaming

Making noises

Because it sounds fun

Or maybe we did

I can’t remember

It’s been a while

Since I last screamed

About anything



I’ve always been the quiet sort

Maybe I never took part

In all of the youthful screams

Shouting yes

But not expressing my joy

With high pitched exclamations

It might just explain

My annoyed frustration

And lack of understanding

Of their uninhibited exuberance

But once the screaming stops

And quiet tranquillity returns

All those frustrations fade

And I’m left feeling happy

Because this is my home

And its a safe place

To let children roam



I know I shouldn’t judge too harsh

They’re only young

They’re only playing

They’re only enjoying life

I still remember what that was like


But I still remember

Though it might be irritating

They deserve this chance to play

And be free

It doesn’t last long

And from the volume of their screams

It’s obvious to tell

They aren’t missing a chance

To live the fun filled lives

Only a child can have

But still

I really don’t understand

Why all of them

Boys and girls

But mostly the boys

Must scream

All the time



Cameron D Hamilton 06/09/2016



17 thoughts on “I Don’t Understand Why They Scream All The Time

    1. Yeah that would be worse…but atleast if the young child is in your house it usually belongs to you so you can tell them to stop.not that they’ll listen but usually the threat of mother sorts that out 😄
      Noise annoys my fragile nature. Ahaha!!!

      Liked by 2 people

        1. Oh really a no kids policy…wow that’s pretty progressive. I totally understand it. I do like the quiet but I do long for the noise of a child of my own. Of course right now as a fantasy it’s harmless once it’s reality I’ll regret it. Ahahaha 😄

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Yep, no kids policy. Many years ago a friend of mine tried to rent there and they wouldn’t allow it because she had small kids. It really quiet & peaceful (knock on wood) – been a full week there for me now. I don’t have kids. In a way I do regret not having them. But I must say, being only one person is a lot easier. And besides, I can barely look after myself sometimes… 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Oh I can’t look after myself, I just want the children when they behave, ahahaha!! I’ve always said I’d love a daughter…till she’s 14, then her mother can have her. Ahahahaha!!!!!

              Most of the time everything is really quiet here. We go through sporadic spells where there’s lost of young kids then none for a while…were currently in a young phase. I was the first generation of kids to live in this cul-de-sac so I do feel protective of it.

              Liked by 1 person

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