To A (Former) Colleague and Friend

[The following poem was written a few months ago for a former work colleague and friend.  My poetry writing and adventures in the world of WordPress had started to get a bit of attention from the people I was closest to.  In an attempt to cheer me up during a rough patch a few of my friends had decided to try and write me a poem.  They didn’t get very far but it did inspire a few poems of my own in reply.  I had forgotten about this poem and only recently found it in an email attachment, but I felt it was worth posting if nothing more than as an ode to someone I no longer see but will always admire.]



For Ashley



You never seem to let life get you down

Smile of your face, very rarely a frown

A bundle of unbridled passion and light

I wish I had you spirit, you’re quite the delight!



You inspire those around you to be so much better

To everyone you meet, you’re an absolute treasure

You’re a pleasure to know and cheer me up when I’m sad

But I hope that these words don’t make your husband mad!




Cameron D Hamilton 07/06/2016



6 thoughts on “To A (Former) Colleague and Friend

    1. Thank you so much! I got the impression she liked it too when I first wrote it but I can never be too sure.
      The image was just something I found on Google, I done another poem like this a few months ago and have the image saved.
      Really happy you enjoyed this!


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