Working or Worrying

A creative mind always working

There’s no time to count any sheep

A tortured mind always worrying

Prevents me from getting any sleep



I call it the curse of imagination

Always active, refusing to rest

Crafting worries from my meditations

Always making me feel depressed



I quite like all the thoughts of creation

Despite their insistence during the night

But not a fan of the negative procrastination

When the day is done and I turn off the light



When enthralled by creative ideas

I won’t sleep till the project is done

When driven to despair by my fears

The chances of sleep drop to none



Wide awake with dreams of the artistic

I’ll make them real, lest I live in regret

Kept awake by nightmares, rather narcissistic

I wish I knew of a way I could forget



My overactive mind is always nightly occupied

From one thought to the next it does leap

Kept awake by work is a reasonable compromise

But if it’s worries, I’d prefer to fall asleep



It never really matters how tired I am

There’s no relief when I crawl into bed

Upon hitting the pillow, my synapses are spammed

From those thoughts, good and bad, in my head



There’s never really been a happy balance

I’m perpetually sleep deprived

My mind doesn’t seem to do silence

Whether at work or when worries terrify



I never know which is going to strike

Will the night be spent working or worrying

If I’m honest I know what I’d really like

An empty mind to catch up on some sleeping




Cameron D Hamilton 03/09/2016



40 thoughts on “Working or Worrying

        1. True plus there’s the hangover when you wake…or maybe that me not knowing when to stop.
          I don’t meditate. Someone told me a while ago yoga is good for body and mind but it’s never been something I’ve looked into. There’s a big new complex being built in the center of town I’m hoping it does classes but for now I not looked elsewhere

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      1. dreamyonion

        No, I changed the name and theme of the blog 🙂 🙂 Name is too strange. But, this is what I came up after thinking about it for the whole day. lolzzz 😀


          1. dreamyonion

            Actually I changed the site address too. check on, tell me whether you see the post or not!!! Coz everything is good so you must be able to see the post. Also, I have hidden the followers of my site.


            1. Ah I still see the old address. it might be because I’m using the app it often takes longer. I’m sure everything is fine.
              I did by know you could hide followers that’s kind of interesting but I’m sure I’m getting misleading info cause of the app. It’ll be sorted on time

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                  1. dreamyonion

                    Lolzzz…yeah. I got the option to delete the old one..hahaha..thanks for telling me the problem. otherwise, I wouldn’t have known about it 🙂 😀


                    1. dreamyonion

                      Now don’t click on my name. please try the link and tell me can u see the post or not. Sorry for the trouble..:D 😀 😀


                    2. dreamyonion

                      Hey, I got it. I’ll tell you in case you may need this option in future. See, when you change the name of the site and you comment on other’s post. Then your comment is linked with your old site. Then we should go in domain option, then click personal info and change the comments link from old to new.

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                    3. No I haven’t yet I’m so behind on my reading. I’ve been consumed with my own stuff I’m hoping to do some catchup this weekend. I’m planning on doing sone travelling so I’m not going to get thr chance to write as much so I’m over producing right now.

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