Give A Damn

The following poem is part of an unintended trilogy examining the despairing mind as it struggles to claw its way back into the fight to live.  The three poems were not intended to be part of a series but appear to have been written at different points of my own struggles with purpose over the past few months.  Part one is themed Inspiration.

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Part One: Desperation


Give A Damn





The mantra you recite

It’s true you’re damaged

You’ve know it for a while

But that’s not the problem

That’s not what keeps you down

It’s the fact you’ve accepted it


You gave it control

Let it corrupt

Let it dictate your actions

Define what you are

Who you are

Altering your perceptions

Wearing it proudly

As if a badge of dishonour


The truth is

The truth you want to ignore

Regardless of damage

You still have a life

Still have potential

Still have worth

But you’ve given up

You just don’t give a damn



It’s true you’re damaged

More so than most

From the torture in your soul

The aches in your heart

The several mental afflictions

That makes finding normality hard

It’s not been easy

But this isn’t what holds you back

Despite all the torments

All the contemplations of worth

This isn’t why you’ve fallen

To your pit of despair

It’s the lethargic shroud of idleness

You cloak yourself under

Hiding away

Doing nothing

Saying nothing

Being nothing

Hiding yourself

From yourself

There’s a astounding


Creative mind

Trapped under all the lethargy

But you can’t see it

Everyone else did

You never could

And you never will

Not until you start

To give a damn



Sleeping the day away

Rising to live at night

Claims that it’s the time

When you’re most creative

Recognise lies you tell yourself

To help you sleep

At 5am in the morning

After binge watching


Pointless television show

You’re not even interested

In the stories being told

Awake at night but still dreaming

Tomorrow I’ll do it all different

I’ll only have a nap

Then I’ll power through the day

Get everything I want to achieve

Will all get do done

But when head hits pillow

You sleep till mid afternoon

With nothing to show

For all the late night creativity

Completed a ten season TV show

One hundred percent finished a game

Just because you earned a trophy

Because it told you it was an achievement

Doesn’t mean it has any substance

A hidden fleeting glory

No-one actually cares about

But you don’t care about them

You couldn’t give a damn



You blame everything around you

Everything but the lethargy

It’s true you’re damaged

But that’s not the problem

This repeating mantra you recite

Is nothing more than a facade

It stops you from addressing

To true culprit

The true reason you’ve not achieved


Despite what the games console says

If only your broken parts

Could somehow be repaired

Then everything would work

You want to be fixed

But refuse to do any of the work

You so desperately desire

To have the slate wiped clean

Be like all the unaffiliated others

But this isn’t something

Someone else can fix

It’s something you fight

Something you rebel against

When you’ve given up

There is no fix

You say you’re broken

But are you really

Aren’t you just hiding

Scared to take back control

You need to embrace

What you are

To discover

Who you’re meant to be



Some may say deranged

A wonderful bundle of passion

Who feels too hard

And has so much to give

But it’ll never be seen

By yourself or another

If you don’t try

If you don’t give a damn



Dreams that someone will come along

And fix what you believe is broken

Are not going to help

The fact is

No matter who you crave help from

They can’t fix you

Neither she nor he

Or anyone else

It must start with you

Life stagnates around you

As you’re trapped

In this self imposed




But you can still have a life

Regardless of damage

You have the potential

You are of worth

Don’t give up on you

Because if just for a moment

You take your head out of the sand

You might find that fix

You’ve been dreaming for

If you would actually just decide

To give a damn



Cameron D Hamilton 31/08/02016


9 thoughts on “Give A Damn

  1. YOU BETTER GIVE A DAMN! Cam, this one is so vulnerable and transparent. The sad truth is that no one can give a damn for another. You have to give a damn for yourself. But the question is, how?? Well, that can’t be answered. It can only be discovered. And I’m so very happy you are discovering it. 🙂 so much love, J

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s the whole idea behind this and the other poems for this trilogy it’s about identifying what you are what you need and how you got to be where you are. This one is meant to be that internalised inspiring, picking at the flaws and not hide from them and just start caring so that you can move forward. Without that you stagnate.

      Liked by 1 person

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