Never Stops

Ocean waves crash upon rocks

Determined to make their way

No matter if the journey is blocked

Defiant resilience remains



Sadly the same cannot be said for myself

I don’t have the willpower to go on

A rocky path is always sure to overwhelm

My defiant resilience is all gone



Costal winds wail, as they swell and gust

Battering what lies on land

Never showing any sign of disgust

When it barely even moves the sand



Where does it find the motivation to keep going

When it’s not making any impact at all

Never stopping, those winds just keep on blowing

It’s ambition makes me feel very small



Heavy rains crack and slap upon the ground

With a fury that will never relent

Torrential droplets fiercely punch and pound

Determined to make their descent



Being soaked in the rain is a nuisance and pain

Yet it still has more courage than me

No matter how it ends, it still falls again

With no fears and no pageantry



Falling rains freeze becoming icy hail

Clattering with chilled renewed purpose

Reinvigorated velocity fired from the gales

No more than an irritant to it’s targets



Stung as I’m pelted by droplets of ice

Even water is more resourceful that I

Could this be nature’s way of giving advice

To give a more robust approach a try



The infernally positive rays of the sun

Are kept hidden behind the storm clouds

Never alarmed if it’s being shunned

It’s always shining, even if there’s a shroud



Nature doesn’t cognise its existence

It has a goal that it will never stop

It doesn’t care when it faces resistance

All it knows, is it has a job



Here I am hitting the barricades of paralyzing self doubt

While nature never stops, unperturbed and strong

If only I was more like nature and knew what my life was all about

Instead of lost within the storm, wishing I knew how to move along




Cameron D Hamilton 29/08/2016



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