Woven Together




A romantics heart can be often cavalier

Searching for the partner that’s right

Acting without caution or any hint of fear

Falling in love at first sight



Whenever a romantic falls for another

A split will form in their heart

To be shared with the one, chosen as their lover

So they’ll never again be apart



It’s the very most intimate gift that you can give

Telling your beloved, how much you care

Revealing a richer life, in which both of you can live

An exhilarating thrill, if you dare



Yet relationships are not always destined to last

Mishandling can cause a spilt heart to break

A love that once was can be tarnished and smashed

Leaving your full body to ache



When a romance dies, only one full heart survives

The other, is left broken in half

The hole that it left makes you feel less alive

Your smile stolen, along with your laugh



A romantic never takes a failed romance well

I don’t suppose any of us do

Unwanted and unloved roaming lost lovers hell

Developing a jaded point of view



A romantic heart is a wonder to possess

But when it breaks your world falls to pieces

Sometimes the pain can be far too intense

And with each break the pain only increases



A guard will close over, a heart, not quite whole

Designed to make sure you don’t suffer

Helping bring relief, to a vulnerable tortured soul

In the form, of a robust, romantic buffer



Hiding that fragile heart, keeps it safe from harm

But while concealed you risk it turning to stone

Denying yourself love and all of its charms

May lead you, to a life, lived alone



Each and every single one of us, has had our heart broken

It’s very rare to have a full heart in your chest

But when you find your meant-to-be, two hearts can be woven

And together, beat romantically at rest



You’re privileged to live, your life as a romantic

Though right now, it doesn’t feel that way

The despair may dreadful but the joys are fantastic

Don’t let your broken heart lead you astray



It’s okay to be afraid; it’s okay to be unsure

There’s no guidebook on mastering romance

A broken heart isn’t something that’s easily cured

Be brave and give healing a chance



To expose your broken heart can be petrifying

But it’s necessary to find a love that’s true

The reward over the risk, is beyond electrifying

When you find that special someone just for you



You don’t need to rush; you only need to be seen

Love always finds you, when its least expected

There’s an aching heart somewhere that thinks of you in its dreams

Desperately waiting, for you both, to be connected



When that other broken heart finally discovers yours

They’ll revere it as the greatest of all treasures

Showering you with affection and a love that endures

And your hearts, will be whole,


Woven together




Cameron D Hamilton 26/08/2016



13 thoughts on “Woven Together

  1. “You don’t need to rush; you only need to be seen
    Love always finds you, when its least expected
    There’s an aching heart somewhere that thinks of you in its dreams
    Desperately waiting, for you both, to be connected”

    This is my favorite stanza. It’s so prefect, I don’t even know what to say.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. VictoryInTrouble

    SO beautiful! And yes, great advice. I like the part about not hiding your heart and letting it become hard. You do miss out on a lot that way. It may seem easier but ultimately I think life would feel flat.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s something I continue to do. When I fall for someone I fall really hard so I run away to recover and make the same mistakes again.
      It’s a piece of advice I need to listen to but in the meantime this is rather pretty 😄
      So very glad you enjoyed it!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. My suffering is perpetual it’s only now i wrote with frequency I can ensure the suffering for art and discover its not just me and life is full of heartache.
      I’m sorry it resonates with you but conversely pleased that it touched you and you saw the bittersweet beauty in it!

      Liked by 1 person

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