But First…



A movie and then to a restaurant

That’s the correct way to a date

Trying to act calm and nonchalant

Convinced that us together will be fate



Late nights talking on the phone

Neither of us wanting to end our long calls

Cooking and having you come visit my home

Hoping I seduce you as the night falls



Whisking you off on romantic city breaks

or hidden away in exotic sandy beaches

Delicious dinners, fine wines and delectable cakes

Naughty nights, that I promise, will leave us speechless



We’ll find a nice place where we can live together

Where I’ll likely ‘lose’ some of my old stuff

A home of our own, full of carnal pleasures

But no escape, if one us, is in a huff



I’ll surprise you one day when I ask “Marry me?”

Praying that’ll you’ll graciously say yes

Telling me, “You took your time” before you finally agree

Those fireworks, I had set off, sure did impress



We’ll wed in a castle full of family and friends

There’ll be feasting and dancing through the night

We’ll wish that the day would never come to an end

But we’ll make time for some wedding night delights



In time we’ll start planning our own family

Two, maybe three, at least one of each

You’ll hope they don’t inherit my insanity

I’m sure I’ve got a few things I can teach



We’ll get such a thrill, watching our children grow

Our lives will revolve around them

Attending recitals, sports events and creative arts shows

And there may be a little bit, of mayhem



When finally the kids are all out the house

We can have a middle aged renaissance

No more erotic evenings being quiet as a mouse

A laugh, rolling your eyes, your response



We can travel the world together

Fulfil all of our wildest dreams

Take in later life with great leisure

We’re a bit old for all the extremes



The children will come visit us often

And come bearing some kids of their own

Our lives may have finally reached the autumn

But you’ll never hear either of us moan



We’ll grow gracefully old through the decades

And you’ll always be a vision, to my aging eyes

There’s no chance that our love, could possible fade

We’ll always be together, you and I



This will be the greatest story, ever told of my life

Of that, I’m certainly in no doubt

To share in the adventures and to have you as my wife

But first…


I’ll have to actually ask you out


loki but first



Cameron D Hamilton 24/08/2016



33 thoughts on “But First…

                    1. VictoryInTrouble

                      I will await that poem.(I know, when the rest of the board is cleared) Aww, yes, that’s the one drawback of internet romancing…you still go to bed alone.
                      Sweet dreams! xo

                      Liked by 1 person

  1. I got a call back from one of your posters!!!! nah, I’m just kidding. Wow, that was really cruel of me..oops.

    I like this post. I love it a lot actually. Because I see your heart in it, your hopes and dreams.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Who says I can’t 😉Mwhahaha 😂

      Thank you so much, it’s the dream that takes place in the deap breath before you ask that first of many important questions. I wanted it to ache of sweetness and be a life story that everyone could aspire to!
      I’m ecstatically pleased you enjoyed this, im rather fond of it myself!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, I had alot of fun writing it, letting out the simple dreams that I long for.
      It’s very honest but I like to thing it’s an aspirational poem that a great many people can look to and say “yeah that’s for me”
      I’m really happy you enjoyed this!

      Liked by 1 person

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