The Four A’s



Every so often I’ll be asked a question

Of romance, whether I have a type

What kind of woman could lift me to heaven

They’d like to help, so ask me to describe



Past attempts to find love have been a disaster

A little help certainly wouldn’t go amiss

To this question I form a simple answer

The four A’s that could bring romantic bliss



Firstly in my eyes, she would have to be attractive

I know that sounds awful to say aloud

A vision of beauty that keeps my heart captive

And my imagination lustfully aroused



Her spirit must be wild and adventurous

Exploring the world and the mind

No fear of traversing the treacherous

Together solving all the mysteries we find



It would be quite the dream if she was artistic

Creating works that showed me her soul

I’m bewitched by women with this characteristic

A creative mind, that would make my heart whole



The final and most important aspect

That would make this fiction believable

To be realised and be wonderfully perfect

She’d definitely have to be available




Cameron D Hamilton 23/08/2016



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