I WANT IT NOW! She defiantly cries

I WANT IT NOW! Stamping her feet

Tears welling in her big blue eyes

Looking up at me, ever so sweet



What a sight when she takes a tantrum

Demanding to get her own way

Holding all her affections as ransom

Today I’ll have to tell her to behave



Sweetheart you need to calm down

Take a deep breath and realx

I’m sorry my dear for making you frown

Please be a big girl, don’t overreact



I WANT IT NOW! Arms folded in a huff

I WANT IT NOW! Petted lip and pathetic glare

Annoyed I spoke to her in a voice so gruff

She doesn’t believe my refusal is fair



You can’t continue to behave like this

There’s no need for all your sorrow

It’s time for you to grow up little miss

Be a good girl and it’ll be here tomorrow



It breaks my heart that the delivery is late

Your huff won’t make it arrive any faster

I promise its coming, you just have to wait

Please wont you realise this isn’t a disaster



I WANT IT NOW! A broken record on repeat

I WANT IT NOW! Refusing to listen

She won’t take kindly to this postal defeat

I WANT IT NOW! In tormented repetition



I’m sorry my love, you’ll need to have patience

I know it’s a trait that you hate

You need to learn to control your frustration

Seriously pretty girl, you’re twenty eight!





Cameron D Hamilton 22/08/2016



19 thoughts on “I WANT IT NOW!

    1. …The big one or the little one. Actually you don’t need to answer, I already know the answer 😄

      I actually wish I knew where this came from, weird sleep deprived thoughts that spiralled into something scribbled down on a notepad in the dark and sometimes my leg.

      Still I thought it was rather fun!

      Liked by 2 people

    1. It’s a fun piece that has a lot of truth to it but none of my own. I still have no idea what inspired it all I knew was I loved the misdirect so it had to be made!!

      Frozen poultry…good to know. I’ll keep that in mind for later 😄


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