I Dare You…

When I  actually sit down and think about it we’ve really not known each other that long; she just appeared one day in the cafeteria at work.  She said she liked my t-shirt, sat down and started talking.  I don’t even know if I spoke in that first five minutes, that t-shirt gave her a lot to talk about it seems.  Apparently there’s a lot that goes on in that head of hers.  We started to talk more regularly at work, it turns out we had quite a bit in common and it was really nice to be able to talk to someone who understands the simple things like my geeky references or even just the way I speak.  There are so many young people in the office it’s nice to get to talk with an adult.  You’ve no idea how annoying it is to get those confused stares for using a ‘fancy’ word in a sentence.  It makes me a little self conscious if I’m honest.  I don’t ever want to bore her and somehow in my deranged mind that means exposing my odd and bizarre side.  Funny that, I want so badly to be able to speak to another adult, that when I do get the chance, my own immaturity flares up.  Still, she seems to enjoy my company and that look she gives me makes me comfortable enough to do indulge in random humour and dry dark observations.  It makes her smile.  I like it when I can make her smile.



She has this way of looking at me like she’s actually interested in what I’m saying.  It’s very odd.  I know me, I know what I say and it’s all ridiculous.  I barely think before the next absurd thought falls from my lips. No matter the insane or pointless story I tell, she always listens.  She’s amazing company; it’s been a long time since I’ve had a friend that actually cares about what I have to say.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had a friend at work.  It’s been a long time since I had an actual friend.



Before she came along I would happily lose myself in my own world and not really speak to anyone.  If I did it always felt forced and it always seemed like they were only talking to me because they didn’t want to sit alone.  It’s a bit unfair, me who’s happy to sit on my own has my alone time stolen because someone is afraid to be alone with themselves.  She’s different; she actually chooses my friendship which took a bit of getting used to.  Luckily she has that comforting way about her.   It’s really subtle and I never noticed at first, but she really encourages and inspires me to keep talking.  It gives you a really warm feeling to know someone values your opinion, especially when most of your day in the building is spent having your opinions undermined.  As much as I love the sound of my own voice and the undivided attention she gives me when I’m tumbling through tangents trying to entertain her, I love listening to her stories.  Get her talking about the right subject and she’ll have you enchanted for hours.  The girl is so animated, hands flying everywhere and possibly the most vocal eyebrows I’ve ever seen.  They dance to the rhythms of her stories.  I told her that once.  She said I’m worse.  It wasn’t too hard to believe; she brings out the dramatic in me.  The way we go on it’s like we’re performers on a stage.  She has on a few occasions burst into song.  She claims the songs are real, I know she’s making them up; I don’t mind she’s actually got a nice voice.  Not that I’d ever tell her of course.   I get a little self conscious when we start drawing attention with our playful dramatics or her songbird act.  Actually, it’s probably more like a lot self conscious.  It’s not that we’re talking about anything too private, it’s just, I don’t really want to share her.



The one thing I refuse to do is talk about work with her.  I don’t like talking about work with anyone to be fair, but unless it’s absolutely necessary, there’s always better topics of conversation to pick from.  It’s so very impersonal.  It’s the sort of thing that you’ll annoy an acquaintance at work with, but not someone you actually like and consider a real friend.  It’s silly but I always try and plan out what I’d like to say if we happen to meet each other over lunch.  Make sure we don’t end up moaning and making the few moments of peace we have away from the job depressing.  Just a few bullet points in my head, something entertaining to help her escape the despair of having to do the job she does.  I know firsthand how tough it can be and the last thing you want to do is think about it over a break, let alone speak about it.  It’s not like either of us want to be here, so why would we really want to talk about it.  That little list in my head is great but I so rarely need to use it.  As soon as she sits down my mind goes blank but the words still fall out.  I don’t think I’m ever sure what I’m talking about until she replies, seemingly understanding me.  Sometimes it feels like we’ve know each other for years, we just pick up where we left off and before you know it, lunch break is over.



One of the things she’s been doing recently is recommending stuff to me.  Music, movies, books; apparently she’s taken it upon herself to culture me.  Her words, not mine.  Surprisingly restaurants had never come up before as something to recommend.  You’d think with us always meeting at lunch, food would naturally have came up but no.  Just today she told me about this new place she’s been to at the weekend.  I was late out for lunch, but luckily she was still there and her eyes lit up when I appeared.  She was doodling in a notepad when I came in and didn’t notice me till I wandered over with my lunch and said hello.  Mouth full, she excitedly swallowed and as I sat down proceeded to exclaim


“I’ve literally been to the single best restaurant EVER!”


Her eyes are wide, it’s like she’s been dying to tell someone all day and I’m the first person she’s bumped into.  Me being me I of course respond


“What’s a restaurant?”


She gives me a look of, ‘yes okay I know you’re funny but I have a story to tell so shut up and listen’.  Well it was either that or ‘you’re an idiot’.  She doesn’t laugh, but I do before telling her to continue with her story.


“So it was my mum’s birthday and she really wanted to try this new Italian place.  It’s one the seafront has these big massive open windows and from what her friend at work says a really good menu.  I LOVE Italian food, so I was really excited.  The place is gorgeous; it’s got this really rustic feel, so different to what the building looks like outside.  It’s totally getting the ‘date night’ couples in, I think we were the only group but I can’t blame them.  It’s got this really peaceful romantic feel to it, you’ve got the sunset, the candles and the whole back of the restaurant looks onto the sea.  You can even walk out onto the beach.  Oh and the food, everything on the menu sounded amazing, I seriously struggled to pick what I wanted.  It was even worse when the desert menu came.  You really need to go to this place, like right now!”



She was rather soft spoken as she told me all about it.  The passion was there but she was in this dreamy wonderland of memory.  It was beyond adorable, the restaurant sounded great but the way she described it was better.  She started to clear up her rubbish from lunch as she told me about everything she had to eat that night.  She clearly didn’t want to leave, she had so much more she wanted to talk about and I had stolen that time by being late.  She started to speak quicker and even as she threw her rubbish into the bins she kept talking to me over the noise of the other patrons in the cafeteria.  She sat back down for just a second and turned to a blank page in her note pad and began writing, quickly finishing the story she was telling me about her desert.


“You REALLY need to go to this place, it’s AMAZING”, she told me so very enthusiastically.  As she stood up and tore out the page she’s just been writing on from her notepad.  She folded it with a coy smirk and with a flick of her hair finished her thought with “oh and if you should really take me, it’ll be even more fun for you that way” before tossing the folded page in front of me and turning to walk away.


As she turned I opened the folded page, thinking it was the name and address of the restaurant.  What I found was a phone number and a single ‘kiss’ below it.  Looking back up she was only a few steps away from the table and she turned back to look at me.  As our eyes met she stopped for a moment before heading off back to work.  In that moment she shouted back to me, at least I think she did.  Maybe it was just the look in her eyes but I swear when she looked back and saw the confused excitement in my eyes, the blushing on my face and could tell my heart was in my throat, she said


“I dare you…”



17 thoughts on “I Dare You…

    1. My absolute pleasure it’s always fun to play in new romances. Mostly because I ache for one myself but there’s something that inspires the soul when you complete something with that anxious kind of adoration that makes you want to run out into the world and grab some for yourself.
      Of course when you finish writing the story at 3am the kind of people outside at that time might not be the best people to grab 😄
      So very please you enjoyed this!


  1. What gorgeous writing! My favourite part was ‘vocal eyebrows’. Simply perfect. Add ‘screenplay’ to ‘narrator’. You’re a natural, gifted talent.

    If I were manic at this moment, I would tell you you’re FABULOUS – and you had to, just HAD TO move to LA. Like, right now! Pack your bags and go. You’ll get an agent, a fabulous job working with wonderfully creative people, earning so much money you’d live in Bel Air or whatever is fanciest, and you’d drive a sports car with the top down and send us postcards of your successes and tell us how you walked the red carpet and shook hands with Tim Burton and, and, and…..

    But I’m not manic… so I’ve run out of steam, of breath and of ideas, but you get the picture, right?

    Well, I dare you….. whatever your dreams, I dare you ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are utterly beyond words adorable. Manic or not so say the most heartfelt words that make me wonderfully warm inside. Thank you so very VERY much ❤♥❤♥❤

      Vocal eyebrows is a phrase I’ve been waiting to use for ages it’s something that I’ve been told about myself since I was a child all those MANY years ago. I so very pleaded you enjoyed this story it was this silly little idea that grew from over hearing a child say “I dare you” and I came up with this.

      Screenplays and novels will be coming as soon as I can devote the time to them I have a few BIG project ideas that will be separate from the blog stuff. Well maybe a tease or two.

      Ironically on moving I’m actually gearing up for my first ever solo travelling trip and am planning on hitting a few states in America. My plan is got west to wast coast so my first destination will be LA. I’m trying not to get too excited because I still need my passport renewed but I’m hoping mid September at the latest I’m out exploring where my ‘talents’ can take me

      I shall take that dare!!!

      (btw you’re totally my favourite person today, I needed a boost 😙❤)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m so glad I could give you a lift when you’re feeling a bit blue.

        You have a rare gift Cameron. Only a very few percentage in this world can write like you. Its a gift and you need to share it with the world. So I am thrilled that you have goals and aspirations towards achieving this. I just know you will succeed. Talent like yours can’t be overlooked.

        And speaking of talent, you took a ‘silly’ idea and wove it into an intriguing tale I could not leave half read. Something simple like – boy meets girl over lunch – was intricately turned into something significant.

        So you’re off to travel. Did a bit myself when I was younger – the BEST years of my life. And since your plan to stop by in LA coincides with my manic wanderings, I think your destiny is written in the stars.

        Really, I’m not blowing smoke out my ass, your calling is to write. Its in your blood. You would be doing yourself an injustice if you didn’t. And I will gladly be here to support and encourage you in any way ❤

        Liked by 1 person

        1. My dear you make my heart flutter.
          How wonderfully kind hearted and adorable you are. I love to write and right now it’s all I do, I have so much planned but I need to learn patience. I need to let it all happen naturally and being here is a big help. Once I reach my 200th post here I’ll be starting a new phase in my grand plan but for now I’m content to keep writing and entertaining. I’ve already got a new poetry theme concept that I’ll hopefully be working on soon but I fear my travel plans may force a hiatus. We’ll see what happens

          It means so much to me that you have all this faith in me. It’s so encouraging to know that what I write is read and enjoyed. It gives me hope for the bigger plans.

          I still think I’m undeserving of all the praise but that’s just me, I’m working on that 😄

          Liked by 1 person

          1. You’re not undeserving of having a gift, a talent. Its a beautiful thing and must be treasured. So treasure yourself, you carry something of great value.

            Its always good to have plans. But life has its own way of unfolding your destiny, so its great you’re letting it unfold natural. When something is forced, nothing is gained.

            I’m looking forward to reading more of your work

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Plans have failed me in the past so keeping everything loose allows me to find balance.
              I find it hard to see the value in me but I enjoy being here and writing so I keep coming back. this place is a social home for me.

              I certainly look forward to writing more, im going into over production mode soon. I need a stockpile for when I’m travelling so I can keep putting out new material everyday. I like the consistency I’ve been keeping.

              …and you truly are quite thr remarkable wee thing to be so kind to a bitter old man like me 😊❤💜


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