Does She Actually Like Flowers?



Is it wrong to give flowers to a girl that you’ve just met

Don’t worry, only a thought, I’ve not gone and done it yet

She makes me feel alive, it’s like she’s got magical powers

But I don’t even know, if she actually likes flowers



We’ve been texting back and forth for the past couple of days

She makes me laugh and astounds me with everything she says

I can’t tell her how I feel; I’m just a foolish coward

And I’m not really sure, if she actually likes flowers



They’d need to be delivered; I couldn’t give her them myself

A gift from her secret admirer, in a gesture so very heartfelt

I’m too afraid to do it in person; what if her reaction was sour

Plus, I’ve got no idea, if she actually likes flowers



I would write a coded note, so she’d guess they came from me

Revealing my heart with words written with poetic honesty

I wish I could tell her in person, instead I hide and cower

Hoping she’ll find it romantic to receive a bouquet of flowers



I know we’ve only recently met, but I want more than just being friends

Would buying a dozen red roses go down well, or bring about the end

I know it’s quite the risk to harm a budding friendship like ours

Especially seen as I don’t even know, if she actually likes flowers



I know it’s a bit cliché, but it might be quite romantic

Or it’s maybe too soon, way too over dramatic

I’ve been sat here thinking about it, over the past few hours

But I still don’t even know if the girl actually likes flowers



If I’m honest with myself I’m not sure what I’d even buy

I want something to wow her so she might give me a try

Subtle but romantic, I don’t want to over power

It’d be far more helpful, if I knew that she actually liked flowers



There are so many options, orchids and Lilies, or even daisies I suppose

Carnations, tulips or maybe I should just stick to the traditional rose

If I wanted to do something different, maybe she’d like a potted sunflower

Or maybe I could go out to a meadow and pick some beautifully coloured wildflowers



The most important part is that they represent what’s in my heart

I might be shy but I really think some flowers would be a great start

All my romantic plans are making feel courageously empowered

But I’m still left with one question, does she actually like flowers



Whatever floral choice I make, I’m not sure where to have them delivered

Her home or place of work, regardless, either will leave her bewildered

I really need to be careful with this, the last thing I want to do is scare her

Besides, I’m still not even sure if she actually likes flowers



If I send them to her home I’d need to find out her address

In a way that wouldn’t cause alarm or any suspicious distress

A surprise delivery full of all the affection I wish to shower

But would this incredible girl even want a bouquet of flowers



It might be a bit too much, to have some delivered to her work

Would she be embarrassed, or make that adorable happy smirk

Would it bother her that her co-workers were filled with jealousy and glowered?

Maybe not the best idea, when I’m not sure if she actually likes flowers



Oh what to do, it’s all worth the risk, but I wish I had more information

If only I were braver I wouldn’t need to resort to secret communications

Maybe she’ll find it charmingly endearing, affection from a shy wallflower

I’ve made up my mind, for better or worse, I really hope she actually likes flowers



I love the friendship we have but I won’t be happy if it stays this way

I think flowers might be the key, to help me say what I want to say

My thoughts are consumed by romantic dreams, of what it’d be like to date her

I hope when she realises they’re from me, I’ll discover she does like flowers




Cameron D Hamilton 20/08/2016



31 thoughts on “Does She Actually Like Flowers?

    1. Well I’d certainly hope if I ever did have someone to buy flowers for they’d feel like that.
      I think this piece has a lot to to with the exploration of how to go about buying them and how overwhelming it can be before you’ve even made the delivery.
      I really enjoyed this piece but finding rhymes of flowers is brutally annoying. I shan’t be doing that again ⚘

      Liked by 2 people

      1. VictoryInTrouble

        Yeah, I never realized it could be such an agonizing decision. If you are ever in this position, I recommend buying her flowers that remind you of her somehow(and tell her so😀).
        Rhymes for flowers- yeah, that’s tough! 😄

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    1. Partially inspired. The poem was finished much later however the girl in question is very much not interested.
      If and when a new one arrives I shall know where to come for advice!

      I’m glad you enjoyed this it was quite the labour of frustration, so few words rhyme with flowers and by the time I had a theme going in the poem I was committed to finish

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Awww you are so very kind to me. I really like it. I should after all the effort to rhyme 😄
          Apparently there are more out there but I think they’re hiding or I’m too busy hiding in my bedroom writing to notice them.
          Oh I’m sure you’d give good flower opinions, besides this is me we’re talking about whatever I do it’ll have a flair of eccentric to it 😋


  1. I’m so in love with everything you write. And you have no idea how happy I am that you included sunflowers. They’re my favorite. And daisies…anything wild and free

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well I’m so very glad you liked it. It was sort of a cheat rhyming flower with flower but it was really hard keeping the theme going.
      Your so very sweet to love the madness that spills out onto this blog. I do put a lot of heart into it ❤⚘
      Plus sunflowers are cool 🌻

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  2. Maybe she does like flowers
    Softly scented like baby powder,
    Or boldly fragrant and a little louder
    Your colorful attentions she’ll surely devour
    Calling upon you to meet in about an hour
    Hair wet and wild, freshly showered
    It’s time, pull on ironed trousers
    Cause she liked the flowers

    Sorry… I couldn’t help myself. It happens sometimes, when I get inspired. Great piece, very endearing. Enjoyed the recording too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwwww!!!!!! That’s amazing!!! I love that so much it’s a wondeful adorable reply. Oh you have made me smile 😊
      Well I’m very glad you enjoyed this piece and enchanted that it inspired such a sweet comment.
      I do so love feedback on the recordings, I get a tad self conscious but I rather enjoy doing them 😄

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      1. Keep up with the recordings. It’s a lost practice. Poetry is meant to be spoken and I enjoy your accent. I’ve been tempted to do a recording, but it seems like too much work to set up a new account.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I really do enjoy hearing the words aloud and there were a few requests, some who genuinely wanted to hear how the piece should be read…most just wanted to swoon to my accent. Ahaha!!!
          Soundcloud accounts take two seconds to set up, there’s nothing to it. I already had one set up but I can’t remember why.
          I’d encourage you to give it a shot, at the very least it’s a lot of fun 😄

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  3. Okay, I got this. EVERY girl loves flowers. Even if the say they don’t – secretly they do. Not red roses yet – too soon. A bunch of flowers not a potted plant. Now this is a deal breaker – they HAVE to be delivered to her work where coworkers can oooh and aaah and she can feel like the most special girl in the entire world. A small rhyme or poem, with intentions expressed lightly, softly so as not to overwhelm. Maybe just four lines. Wait until the end of the day before contacting her. Anticipation is marvellous – for her but not you I’m afraid. You’ all be anxious. And then follow you instincts regarding her reaction, which will be undeniably evident. This pure romance and if she doesn’t appreciate it its not worth your focus. Good luck my dear friend ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh wow you’ve really put some thought it this I love it.
      Sadly this is an old poem only recently finished the girl in question isn’t in my life as much as I’ve tried to keep her there.
      My plan was much the same as you’ve laid out I was friendly with security as we worked at the same place and I was going to write something obvious only I could have written.
      Sadly I don’t think she would have approved of thr romance at least not from me but I love that this has inspired your romantic side.
      Thank you so much for the support and encouragement, at least I know when I do find a girl who actually likes my attention I have a plan that’ll wow her!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh no! I’m so sorry she’s not in your life as you’d wish her to be. I related to your piece because I am awkward and feel like I speak ‘alien’ to other ordinary folk when I’m in a social situation. I guess socially awkward would be the best description.
        Aaaah, you see, us writers are romantics at heart. Your plan will most definitely work with the right woman. And you will find her. Just like your duet, you may cross paths when you least expect it….

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh I’m very socially awkward, plus socially anxious and always eccentric. The ordinary folk don’t know what to do with me 😄

          We are a romantic lot us writers, us artists.

          I certainly hope it does work because I work rather like to meet the special one who feels the same.
          Maybe your right maybe my duet might come true 😊

          Liked by 1 person

          1. So magically put 🙂 Have you ever met a special one? I’ve not and would love to know if they really do exist.

            Yes, ordinary folk… I have as little to do with them as possible – I just don’t understand them. And they don’t get me either so we’re squared.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Yes I have, sadly I’m not their special one. I love far too easily I see greatness in people and they don’t see it in me. I still have hopes that one might change but right now I can’t get a reply from her so I think she’s subtly getting rid of me.
              I don’t have much contact with people. You’re considered special if I give you my time…most people I meet don’t seem to care though. I can help but care I’m just too caring.
              There’ll be other special ones and one day one might choose me too!


  4. OMG Cam! I LOVE this. Every time the line from the title was said it warmed my heart. Very sweet and nervous ramblings from a guy totally falilng for their friend. I totally agree with everything pieces of bipolar said. although I hate to read this is an old poem… I was formulating lots of awwwwss and advice while listening to your poem. Instead I will encourage you to keep that romantic side going. Girls (even ones who say they don’t) appreciate big romantic gestures. Good Luck Scottland! Beautiful Work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww well thank you so much ❤
      Regardless of being old feelings it’s a really lovely tale of chaotic confused though trying to justify to yourself what the best way forward it. It’s very clearly full of my own angst and in a way I’m disappointed I never got to see the reality though. But I’m sure I’ll get another chance…one day 😋
      I’m glad you enjoyed this its a lovely adorable piece even if it frustrated the life out of me finding those rhymes for flowers 😄⚘

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I love to write in rhyme, it feels different that going free verse. I like the lyrical nature of it and allows me to be more whimsical.
          Free verse is great for my chaotic thoughts but something sweet and romantic is beautiful in rhyme. Besides sometimes it feels more creative that you’ve put so much time and effort into something special

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