Sweet Breeze



Embarked on my daily constitutional

Meandering down the sandy coastline

Today was unexpectedly beautiful

The weather, absolutely divine



Scorching August rays bathe the land

Townsfolk migrate to the beach

Hoping to find a good spot in the sand

The last of the summer sun for them to leach



Children splash in the gentle crashing waves

Parents keeping watch while they tan

Youthful energy abounds, teenagers misbehave

All enjoying the wonderfully warm weather while we can



A gentle breeze gives relief from the sweltering heat

And it carries a rather familiar scent

A tantalising aroma, delicately sweet

That causes me unintended torment



That sweet smell tingles my taste buds

I’d recognise the aroma anywhere

Drowning in salivating floods

Lusting for the scent that has me ensnared



Cooled by costal winds my desires are teased

In a nostalgic olfactory explosion

The ever so tempting and delicious perfumed breeze

Internally insights craving confusions



The fragrance in flight is a sugary delight

One I’ve recently chosen to ignore

Done for my health, a choice that was right

But it meant giving up something I adore



Everyone I pass is enjoying this sugary treat

With ever whiff in the air I yearn to indulge

Looking after myself is painfully bittersweet

I really hate being a responsible adult



Such a gorgeous day, but my heads hung in despair

Taunted by the aroma of that heavenly dream

Cursing my resilient willpower, this health kick isn’t fair

Depriving me of that refreshingly indulgent ice cream




Cameron D Hamilton 19/08/2016



29 thoughts on “Sweet Breeze

        1. Oh I could never do that.
          I don’t think I could keep to an indulgent free travel experience. So much of it will be about food. If I lose more weight than I planned then when I go away and come back I’ll have balanced back out. That’s the theory anyway.
          I have great discipline for everything but sleeping. A creative mind always working or a tortured mind always worrying. there might be a poem in that…hmmm🤔

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  1. VictoryInTrouble

    Ah, Cameron! You made me crave ice cream!! 😛 This is excellent. I love how you set the scene at the beach. All that happy around you, hopefully your head isn’t hung for long. 🙂

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    1. I’ve been craving it soooo much lately. Luckily the good weather is gone for the week so it’s back to keeping warm.
      Although that makes me crave hot chocolate. I just can’t win 😔

      I’m really glad you enjoyed this, it was a very spur of the moment bit of poetic whimsy which after spending most of last night writing it gave me ice cream filled dreams. I think I’ll do something with that idea next week 🍦😄

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      1. VictoryInTrouble

        Mmm, I love hot chocolate! 😀 Be strong, Cameron! Do ice cream dreams make the cravings worse or does it seem like you’ve had some because of the dream?

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          1. VictoryInTrouble

            Oh, sweetheart, that’s horrible! I didn’t think of that. So it wasn’t a carefree ice cream dream, it was a guilt inducing reality dream. That sucks. Well, at least you know you’re doing well in real life! 🙂

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            1. Ah the wonders of dreams. So lovely till that pang of reality hits. I get that same guilt if in a dream I get my hair cut short and feel remorse for losing my luscious locks.
              I can’t wait for next summer by then I’ll be totally fixed and can sparingly indulge. Oh how i miss indulging!

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                  1. VictoryInTrouble

                    How long is it? It’s hard to tell. It really is beautiful, but I like your eyes too. And maybe if you smiled, I’d like your smile, lol. 😉 Just teasing you. 😀

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. Oh…is that your subtle way of telling me I need to update my photo?? 😄
                      It’s currently just above my shoulders. I’ve had it way longer in the past but i like it where it is just now.

                      I was once told by an art teacher that I have dangerous eyes and that girls should be careful of what goes on behind them. I was 14! It freaked me out. It’s much nicer to hear it from you 😙❤

                      (oh you misspelt flirting, your predictive text is terrible tonight 😉)

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                    2. VictoryInTrouble

                      ha ha, well, I was perusing your soundcloud last night and noticed you are never smiling. But it’s ok. You don’t have to smile. 😀
                      Goodness, all my misspellings are so out of character. 😛
                      Dangerous eyes, wow. I wonder what she meant.That’s kinda funny. I think they look sweet but maybe they are mischievous! 😀

                      Liked by 1 person

                    3. Sadly I don’t smile. I lost all my teeth in a bare knuckle boxing match back in ’09 against what I now suspect was a kangaroo. Then again my mind has been a little muddled since then 😄

                      uhuh…out of character…sure…😉

                      Looking back I think she meant I was quiet in class but if a girl took the time to get to know me she’d see I was far more interesting and exciting than the loud popular pretty boys. As an art teach I think she could see another artistic soul and knew from her own sexual past how much fun a boy like me would be when he’s all grown up so get in early before someone else steals him. I may be over romantacising that though 😄

                      Liked by 1 person

                    4. VictoryInTrouble

                      Ha, not at all. Im sure that’s exactly what she meant but it’s not like she can tell a 14 yr of boy that. It’s a good thing you figured it out!
                      Lost all your teeth…suure… 😉

                      Liked by 1 person

                    5. Well it only took me another 15 years to figure it out…im not really that clever 😄

                      Fine you caught me I didn’t lose me teeth fighting a kangaroo. I guess I just like the dark and mysterious look. I tend to ruin it though when I open my mouth and all the nonsense pours out 😋

                      (btw was uploading tomorrow’s poem to soundcloud and went through your Playlist. You’ll be happy to know I won’t be able to sleep tonight 😍😋❤ Damn those whispers)

                      Liked by 1 person

                    6. VictoryInTrouble

                      Oh no, you open your mouth and that accent pours out. Like honey. 🍯lol, now why did you do that to yourself? One or maybe two, Cameron, but not the whole playlist before bed. 😉 Glad you liked them! 😀

                      Liked by 1 person

                    7. Honey you say 😶 oh you little flatterer you 💜 Well the bad news is soundcloud tells me I only have an hour and a half of free upload space left. I’ll have to be more discerning with my reading choices.

                      As for your recordings, I’m a completist 😄 and they were such wonderful listening 😊
                      You know I have a really crude come back but I’m far too polite to share it 😉

                      Liked by 1 person

                    8. VictoryInTrouble

                      Lol, the only thing worse than a crude comeback is a comment tease! 😉
                      Oh no! Well, at least the old ones will still be there and an hour and a half is a long time.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    9. My last two readings have both been closer to the 7 minute mark. To be fair that’s 7 honey dripped minutes of heaven but I apparently have no end of poetic ideas. I guess I’m going to have to start paying for things and taking this whole writing thing as a serious career step. If only I weren’t so lazy 😄

                      Comment tease…gentleman…its all the same 😋

                      Liked by 1 person

                    10. VictoryInTrouble

                      Ha ha! A gentleman might not even mention his dirty mind. 😄😉
                      Yes, if you keep providing 7 minutes of heaven, you’ll run out of space very soon. It may be time to get serious!! 😀

                      Liked by 1 person

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