You’ve Got Mail (a “Project: Chain Reaction” story) [REBLOG]

Part One of the Project: Chain Reaction story written by J over at Among other things, J.  Part Two will be published 17/08/2016 written by myself.  Get caught up on the intro to the story before Part Two is posted later


You’ve Got Mail


“Insuffient funds” the screen reads. Great, just what I needed. Though at this point, I shouldn’t be surprised. One does tend to run out of money when one loses their job. Well, technically, I quit. But I blame them all the same, soul sucking profiting bastards. They will miss me way more than I’ll miss them.

Anyways, I should be able to get away with a week or two of bumming out on the couch of mommy dearest. Not the most adult-like move but I have to escape my troubles somehow and I don’t have the stomach for crashing at a friend’s place and being subjected to watching them be so, I don’t know, proficiently successful? Yeah, no.

I won’t take much, nor stay very long but I should wrap up as many adult loose ends as I can before I go. For starters, I should go check the mail and see how many bills I have that I can’t pay. And maybe clean the dishes…maybe. Yeah, probably not.

It’s a gorgeous day to make the little stroll to the end of the drive, at least, and I manage to make it there with only one fire ant bothering to bite my toe. What is up with them this year? If ever there were a case made for world’s most vile and evil creature, it would be the ant. Now, my post box is not as despicable as the ant but it is a tricky thing. And I’m not talking about all the rust and the door that’s not aligned quite right for a perfect shut. I’m talking about the crafty way my post box continues to be full of mail addressed to tenants long gone from this house, despite the fact that I have informed the post office more than maybe a million and one times that those tenants do in fact NOT live here. But I should give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe everyone at the post office is blind and can’t read.

But today I seem to have only two things, a powerbill (boy won’t it be interesting when that goes out) and an envelope with no return address, just my name. Huh, that’s not weird at all.

Tucking the dreadful bill under my arm, I start to open the mystery letter.


Source: You’ve Got Mail (a “Project: Chain Reaction” story)


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