Meant-To-Be (A Duet)

The following piece is a collaboration between myself and the truly incredible PoetGirlEm.  The Stanza coloured in BLUE were written the ever nonsensically rambling Cameron D Hamilton (more commonly referred to as “me”) and the stanzas in PURPLE were composed by PoetGirlEm (or “Em” to her friends…yes that’s right I have friends!!)

The audio recording attached to this piece contains readings from both authors of the piece and edited together to form a true audio duet.






I hate these romantic flutters, beating frantic in my chest

Tonight those nervous rhythms, can’t seem to give it a rest

Why did I ever agree to take no phone number for this date?

The plan was to meet half an hour ago, I hope she’s just running late



An hour primping hair and ten different outfits, is my make-up okay?

I’m perspiring with nerves, thinking of him waiting for me to arrive

Running out, I fumble for keys, I forget my purse, finally leave

The drive is a blur, traffic buzzing past, I pass limit of speed…



Would I like to order? No I’ll wait, just another, ‘second’ drink

I’ve never checked my watch so much, my heart begins to sink

Anxious feet dance under the table, trembling fingers are tapping

Is it the wrong place, time or day; lamenting all the blind planning


Rushing in the door, sweaty panting…where is he, did I miss him?

The host welcomes with a sympathetic smile, offers to seat me alone

Sure, I say…why not, I’ll wait, a bit relieved I wasn’t the last one here

Sitting myself down, I grab the menu, take a breath, scan the specials



I can’t bring myself to order any food; instead I nervously drink too much

After waiting this long and drowning my nerves I hope she doesn’t judge

Alcoholically infused musings that she showed up and didn’t find me attractive

The longer I wait here, the more that I drink, my mind spirals hyperactive



Tick tock, says Time, I stare at clocks mocking me, the wall they line

At least my appetizer was decent, stayed too long but thought he’d come

Now bereft of hope, I hastily pay and depart this place of rejected love

Toss tip on the table while head hangs heavy, I take my somber leave



Dejected, I check my phone for transport delays, nothing, I wonder if she’s okay

Has she got cold feet and actually stood me up, how unromantically cliché

I can feel the diners sympathetically stare and the wait staffs judging glares

Frustrated, I pay my bill and leave, put an end to this embarrassing affair



Sad stroll down the winding street, gazing down to plodding feet

Pondering now my time alone, and my heart’s certain defeat,

I spy a door to a quaint coffee shop, and decide to make a stop

Just as I reach for door’s handle, a tap I feel on shoulders’ top



Wandering aimlessly, head hung low, stung before I even had a chance

Why is it so hard to find someone to love and indulge in some innocent romance

Passing my favourite coffee shop, an enchanting creature at the door catches my attention

Tapping her gently on the shoulder, I discover we share the same jilted expression



Let me get that – he says, opening the door with gentlemanly courtesy

His other hand to my back guides me in, an electric zing – certainly

The only table available…seats two, I sit down and offer him the other chair

We lock eyes with a knowing known only by broken hearts’ affairs



Her eyes mirror mine, full of tearful regrets, but now dry regaining their sparkle

Swapping tragic tales, finding rescue from our nights, ever so romantically harmful

Have we been rewarded for our disappointing dates, is this woman my illusive soul mate

Without nerves or panic I ask to see her again, on her answer I confidently wait



Lightning struck, he asks that question preordained by the universe

This chance encounter anything but chance, out escapes a Please!

Undeniable instinctual attraction, this time I open the door for him

I know an excellent restaurant down the street, I say – 

So follow me, my Meant-To-Be



Cameron D Hamilton & Emily Clapper 14/08/2016


The idea for the preceding piece was conceived by myself and Em graciously ran with it and turned it into something truly remarkable.  Its an interesting tale highlighting the dual perspectives of characters looking to simply connect with another.  A simple collaborative concept that has been brought to life by an extraordinary poet in Em

This has truly been a wonderful experience to collaborate on a piece with an artist FAR more talented than myself.  It’s been an absolute pleasure to test my abilities and learn from someone i consider one of the most astounding voices if found in my short time blogging on WordPress.  If you don’t already follow PoetGirlEm then you really should.  She runs the poetic gambit with adorably inspiring pieces, poems that’ll break your heart and a personal love of the greater beyond of the stars that will enchant the dreamer in you.

If you enjoyed this piece, go give it a like on Em’s blog Meant-To-Be ~ A Duet and share the love!


I hope all you lovely readers enjoyed this piece and my first poetic collaboration.  If any of you lovely readers would like to join forces with a romantic madman in a collaboration, then feel free to contact me via email:




13 thoughts on “Meant-To-Be (A Duet)

  1. Eric

    Perhaps one of the loveliest pieces I have yet read…well, technically, heard because I didn’t actually read it. But regardless, phenomenal work. At first I thought they were meeting each other, but it was oh so much more satisfying to find that, in fact,they were not. Makes the final few stanzas so much more impactful! And Em’s line “so follow me my Meant-to-Be” really got to my sickly romantic side. You two should collab more often!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahahaha, I love that the readings are getting hit up more rather than reading the piece. Makes it all worthwhile!
      I loved this concept to have the two characters sharing a perspective on something that neither were part of. It was one of those misdirects I adore and Em just brought it to life.
      That finale is breathtaking I love it’s sweetness and it’s so much more rewarding.
      I certainly hope there’ll be more collaborations coming

      Liked by 1 person

  2. There you go giving out your email again!

    Love this post!! Though written by two people, it reads as if written by one mind. You two should work together often 🙂

    I especially love how even if I interpret it as they were meant to meet up initially and accidentally stood each other up by simple mistake, fate still brought them together in the end. Beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well its a fruitless endeavour my dear as noone emails but you so 😋

      It’s a perfect little concept that play into my love of misdirects. Such desire and romance in all forms to end on a whimsical let’s see where the night takes us ending line.
      I really do hope to collaborate more with Em it’s so much fun and I just adore the reading as a duet!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww thank you so much. I loved the simple concept and it spun of into something that takes you on a journey of anxiety, despair to finding hope.
      I’m really glad you enjoyed this it was so much fun to do. I’m heartbroken you can relate to it, you’re lovely I can’t imagine anyone standing you up. The running late sure, your female after all 😋
      I do love that collaborative process I think it brings out the best in us.

      Liked by 1 person

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