Within Dreams



Holding court over a captive audience

A sea of smiling faces

I can barely form my words

Giggling through each sentence

Weaving a whimsical tale

Of perceived comedic genius

The crowd seems to agree

Eagerly awaiting conclusion

Buckling with anticipation

Exploding in delight

Roaring with laughter



Of course this was a dream

It would be too much to be real

To command such rapturous attention

Drifting far from the reality

Of my waking words

But in the dream

Oh in the dream

The smiles

The laughter

The attention

It was unreal

Of course this was a dream



The audience encouraged me

Inspired a performance

The reaction soothing

As fast asleep I dreamt

Different than my normal dreams

A welcome change

Though decidedly strange

The smiles

The attention

A tale that inspired such joy

Such delightful applause

Was itself the telling of a dream



Within my fantasy reality

I was simply remembering

Friends from my youth

Mischievous grins

Playful but innocent

Focused on a single moment

The hilarity that ensued

The laughter we shared

An attention grabbing anecdote

That the dream me wished to share

Familiar though the story was

It wasn’t real

Never happened

Never could have



Lucidity stuck amid confusion

The story was an ilusion

The events never took place

At least not in waking reality

Still it was familiar

Felt very familiar

To those more lucid thoughts

It was recognised

Not from reality

From another dream

The story being told had been lost

Forgotten within the subconscious

Found once more

Recycled for tonight’s audience

A fantasy dreamt a week ago



Is it possible to remember

A dream

Within a dream

In my waking hours

I have no memory

If it ever happened at all

But would I

It’s not uncommon to forget

All the adventures

The mind has in slumber

Yet the memory is so vivid

It defies any disbelief

Enchanted and entertained

Both remembering

And being introduced

At the same time

There’s no truth to the dream

Not in story or event

People or places


Could the memory

Of having the dream

Be real



Is the lucid part of me clear

Has it became warped

I accept I’m not awake

I accept the fantasy reality

I accept the suspension of logic

But only so far

Have I fallen too far

Tumbling to wonderland

Fumbling to ascribe common sense

Confusing myself

Confusing the dream

Falling ever further

Down this rabbit hole

Delusional realities

Conflicting with lucid thought

Converging to question

Fact or fiction

Is any of it real

Or nothing at all



Often dreams quickly fade

Drifting to memories

Where realities and fantasies

Can freely mingle

Dreams themselves

Become memories

Harder to hold on to

But never lost

Once memories

They’re never truly lost

Each one stored for later

To be retrieved when needed

In times of stress

In times of sorrow

When seeking guidance



Is it easier for a dream

To remember one of its own

Or is this an example

Of creatively recognising

Can a dream recover those thoughts

Can we find lost moments

Even ones born of dreams

To teach or to comfort

To distract or to heal

Is this creatively recognising

The layers of fantasy

Bewitching lucidity

Casting veils of fake reality

Daring you to chase

But to chase the logic

Within dreams

Will only confuse it further



Can a dream remember

Did this dream remember

Did I miss its intended purpose

Why does it wish to convince me

To believe false reality

There may not be an answer

There may never need to be an answer

To reveal the mysteries and power

Within dreams

But the laughter

The hilarity of my story

Silly as it may be

Has made me smile

And I haven’t had one of those

From a dream

In a while




Cameron D Hamilton 13/08/2016



5 thoughts on “Within Dreams

    1. Awww that’s beautiful! ❤
      I’m so glad you enjoyed this.
      It’s a weird journey of reflection and felt so dreamyto write. I still wonder if what I dreamt was a memory of a dream or an invention of the dream. An odd tale but I enjoyed the whimsical analysis it brought me.
      Your kind words always inspire and make me smile 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  1. This is so trippy. I felt in a dream as I read it. I’m trying to figure out if it’s a dream within a poem or a poem within a dream about a dream within a dream. Or is it reality of a dream about reality where you dream a dream of poetic dream. Oi,..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahahaha!!!!

    I love the direction this took, it falls to loose tangents and has a feel of sleep deprived babbling. I like tippy, that’s a good way to describe it.
    It’s certainly one of my stranger pieces. I’m just happy you enjoyed it 😊


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