Is it all too much…



The ideas that ramble around my head

Keep me from the comfort of lying in bed

Listening intently to each word that’s said

Constantly tugging on every new thread


Creative musings and nightmarish despairs

An active mind so very self aware

Contemplating life and all the cruelty it shares

While contorting absurd thoughts into artistic flare


The suggestions shared, by my sub consciousness

Attack and inspire my fragile self confidence

In the daylight hours, I can safely explore their contents

But at night they torment me, in sleep deprived grogginess


Plans for projects I want to start straight away

Bounce around my mind, pleading for me to play

Where were all these ideas hiding during the day

Why must I suffer from a wretched creative delay


My purpose and my worth are questioned in the dark

Snuffing out any dreams and creative sparks

A warped perspective that’s painfully stark

Tortured thoughts that never fail to leave a mark


Is it all too much, that I’m only inspired at night

Is it all too much, the ideas that always excite

Is it all too much, when imagination takes flight

Is it all too much, the overwhelming lusts to write


Is it all too much, that I over analyse

Is it all too much, that I over agonise

Is it all too much, the self doubts that paralyse

Is it all too much, for these tormented tired eyes



Cameron D Hamilton 12/08/2016



14 thoughts on “Is it all too much…

            1. IKR lasted all of two comments whatever the local blacklist thing is it needs turned off. I got a message back from chat support so they’re looking at it as well. I’d email akismet again to let them know.

              There’s no quitting though, atleast I know to check spam

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              1. Still infuriating. Akismet seems eager to get rid of me. They made suggestions, all of which you and I already tried. They can’t figure it out.


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