Project: Chain Reaction (coming soon!) [REBLOG]

Hello to all you WordPress followers, casual reader and Google search stalkers(I don’t know who you are but please feel free to email me any time, i’d really like us to be friends)


As so happens in this great community, some of us band together to do something creatively challenging to entertain you and examine our own talents and how we can grow as writers.  With that in mind i’ve been asked by long time blogging companion J to join a collective of sorts.  The aim is to write a tale inspired by photographs supplied by the previous writer to create a chain of image and text that weave what we all hope will be something quite remarkable.


I’m really looking forward to this project.  As many regular readers will know i’ve not been fairing too well on the old mental health side of things and a project like this is exactly what I need to find some sense of worth in this mad mad word.


Right now this is just and announcement and a plea to all you readers who come by my blog for nonsensical rambling entertainment to check out the blogs my fellow story writers





Check these three out, fall in love and if you’re interested in the plan J has set out then stick around for something that’s sure to be fun!

Greetings! I have an announcement! This week I, along with three of my closest and dearest friends and fellow bloggers, will be launching a writing project that I have dubbed Chain Reaction. We will be on a weekly rotation, working on a single story that will evolve as we each take a turn at controlling […]

via Project: Chain Reaction (coming soon!) — Among other things, J


7 thoughts on “Project: Chain Reaction (coming soon!) [REBLOG]

    1. I’m actually travelling around America right now. I’d love to get involved but I’m not finding much time to write and I’d hate to commit and not be able to follow through.
      You’re project looks brilliant but for right now my tine is pretty monopolised. Thank you so much for the offer!!!

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