It’s Been a Long Time


It’s been a long time

Longer than I’d care to admit

I’d forgotten the rush

I’d forgotten the magnetic force

That pulls, guiding us gently

Bringing us to what we both want

What we need

What we crave



It’s been a long time

Since my feelings were matched

Since romance last bloomed

Since I was brave

With a delicate touch to my hand

I was alive once again

I had forgotten how a heart was supposed to beat

I had forgotten the chaotic beauty

The excited panic

The breathtaking desire



Eyes locked

Body trembles

Breathing shaky

Taken out of the world

Removed from its noise

Everything drowned out

By racing hearts

Beating wildly

The nights silenced

In this moment

Nothing else mattered



Pulling ever closer

Hands nervously graze

Barely touching

Just enough

Enough to spark passions

Impatiently in wait

Fingers dance over clothes

Tease over skin

Each light caress

A new wave of magnetic electricity

Till we’re pulled into each other’s arms

Till we can hear the other tremble

Till passions overwhelm



It’s been a long time

I’d forgotten what it’s like to be here

But more

I’d forgotten what to do

Will instinct take over

Will I remember

As parted lips meet

Will it all make sense

It’s been a long time

And I’m afraid

I want this

I need this

I crave this

Do I still know how to do this



It’s important

The first flourish of intimacy

What we have could live or die

On the moment that follows

In this one goodnight

Life sets its course

Ascribing fate and destiny

To one simple act

Of daunting opportunity

Will she know

will she care

It’s been a long time

She must

Eyes sparkling under streetlight

Beckoning me to her

No questions

No comments

No words at all

Just a look

Silently stating “please”



It’s been a long time

And I’ve been patiently waiting

She’s kept me waiting

She’s been worth the waiting

No hint of flight in her

Not even as my arms hold her close

Not even as my fingers intertwine in her hair

No hint she’s even scared

Her response a lustful gaze

Echoing mine

Broken only as eyelids fall closed

Mirroring mine



It’s been a very long time

Far longer than I’d care to admit

And I’m still afraid

But maybe

Just maybe

From this moment

I’ll not have to be afraid

Not for a very long time




Cameron D Hamilton 08/08/2016


I feel I need to add an addendum onto the end of this piece.  Please don’t get too excited, there’s no-one new I my life stealing my heart.  If only that were the case.  This is the poetic echoing of a thought I recently had about myself and what may happen if I do manage to trick someone into something romantic again.

I hope you lovely readers enjoyed it anyway!


6 thoughts on “It’s Been a Long Time

    1. It took five attempts to get that recording right, I kept messing the words up.
      I literally have no idea where this sprung from, especially seen as there’s no one currently in my life.
      I love this piece it’s prophetic in a way that I know this will be my thought process.
      So happy you enjoyed the piece and especially the reading. ❤😄

      Liked by 1 person

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