A Work Crush


We met at work just the other day

But I couldn’t think of anything witty to say

You added me on Facebook just the other night

My overjoyed reaction feels perfectly right


We message back and forth, I think I might have a chance

The more I get to know you the more I’m entranced

No-one before has ever fascinated me so

Everything that you share is a privileged to know


I’ll ask you out tomorrow when I next see your face

I’m not sure what you’ll say so I’m prepared just in case

If I’m honest I’m anxious and can’t seem to sleep

I really hope you say yes and don’t think I’m a creep



Cameron D Hamilton 12/11/2015


This didn’t really go the way I wanted it to, but I still love in eternal hope.  I found this piece while I was looking for something else.  It was never delivered, never read and never published in anyway.  I like the nervous love struck emotions in it.  It’s simple and reminds me of that panicked desire.  I thought it would be nice to share here for you lovely reader to check out.  I hope you enjoyed.


33 thoughts on “A Work Crush

    1. It was a very overwhelming crush, I felt younger for it. It was a fun moment in time and that girl still has my heart. Even though the words were written last year I can still evoke that same emotion reading it before I put it on here. Damn that girl and her sorcery, bewitching my heart to this day. Ahaha!!!
      Really glad you enjoyed this, im glad I found it again to share!

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          1. Well eventually is boring me. It’ll have to be a Mrs Right for me, the womenfolk inspire such lust, romantics and poetry my life wouldn’t be complete without my own woman to torment and annoy with love


              1. Oh I fully expect that’ll be the case for me. Sadly my patience is not my best quality. I have ideas, don’t they understand I’m full of romantic plans and some of them involve being young and fit!


            1. Everyone knows the basics, I try not to overwhelm till I know you’ll get the joke, otherwise I’m just making myself laugh and I do far too much of that as it is.

              …What’s that WordPress the unfollow button is where? Ahaha 😄

              I could make Flash time travel reference if that would be better? 😉


                1. Oooh, now that’s a throw back. I’m a tad forgetful of my ocarina references. To be fair it’s probably been 15 years+ since I was last immersed.
                  I might be wrong but I think they done a re-release on the DS. I should look into this, it’ll be like playing it for the first time again.

                  Liked by 1 person

                    1. Oh I’m very much aware how old I am, I played OG N64. I’m sure it was about 1t years back I was between 9 and 13 but my memory isn’t what it used to be. Neither are my joints, or metabolism but my hair is still gorgeous so I have that!
                      I honestly hadn’t noticed the zelda fanatics. I wish I could send photos I comments I have something you’d love…
                      I subscribe to a few of those loot crate style geek merch boxes. Last month I got a zelda shield mug, it’s awesome. I have a weird collectors mentality about cool mugs and pint glasses. I don’t use any of them right now but when I get my own place I’m going to have the most eclectically filled cupboards 😄


                    2. omg that mug sounds amazing!!!! an loot crate is the sh…I mean..its awesome lol. I too played it on 64. One of my first ever games I ever played though. Beat it so many times haha. I collect pandas rofl

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                    3. Ahahaha I don’t actually do loot crate itself, there one ran through the online store Zavvi over here. I go to them for blu ray steelbooks but sometimes their boxes are really good. Do you know the funko ‘fabrications’ the plush versions of pop vinyl designs I have 3 from the zavvi boxes, an iron man, captain America and a TMNT Raphael. Love a good geek box!
                      Is that why pandas are having trouble breeding? they’re meant to be in the wild not on your shelf young lady!


                    4. omg. is that a fucking panda emoji on wordpress!!!!!!!!!!!! wtf! someone! anyone! tell me how to do these magical emojis!!!! …………..also….you have just put into my head the image of an old panda with grandma glasses and silver hair in a bun with a dress on. You rock. rofl

                      Liked by 1 person

                    5. Ahahaha well I do try 😄

                      I’m on the WordPress app so all the emojis are from my phone. I don’t think you get any one the main Web browser site. I tend to post via laptop but comment and read on my phone. I didn’t even know I had a panda but for you, im very glad I did!


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