Hermit Courting Rituals (Wiki-trolling)

Way back on 06/06/2016 I attempted to publish an article to Wikipedia that wasn’t exactly factual.  I know this contravenes the purpose of the site and can be a controversial and touchy subject for legitimate contributors.  I don’t believe I’ll ever contribute to Wikipedia in a legitimate way, but what I had created was so insane It had to be done.  The article itself was inspired from a conversation that started on WordPress between myself and K over at thedarkestfairytale.  We had an odd back and forth about how hermits would flirt with one another and me being me, I rambled off into a nonsensical tangent.  During the conversation we joked that the nonsense I created would look great on a Wikipedia page and thus an idea formed.  That’s never a good thing with my eccentric mind.


The article itself revolved around an anthropologist who was the first person to witness the reclusive cave dwelling hermits flirt with potential mates.  I created a mini biography the anthropologist and a summary of his dissertation that detailed the courting habits of hermits.  The intention was always to put it up here with a tease of the content and link to the live article.  After publishing I quickly took screen grabs of the article mostly so I would always have the evidence that it was a real page, even after it was removed.  It was a good thing too as within half an hour it had already been reported and after two hours removed entirely.  I fully expected it of course, but not as fast.  The worst part was that no-one would ever see the article itself live on Wikipedia, but I suppose the images will have to do.


So for the two month anniversary of my ‘wiki-trolling’ adventure I present to you lovely readers my article on ‘Hermit Courting Rituals’.



23 thoughts on “Hermit Courting Rituals (Wiki-trolling)

    1. It’s probably the most pointless thing I’ve wrote given I knew it would only last a few hours but it was so much fun.
      It’s surprisingly easy to post to Wikipedia but my oh my do they catch trolls like me quickly.
      I’m glad you enjoyed it, it’s ridiculous how much stupidly is in this and taken so seriously. Is fakeapedia a thing because this totally deserves to be there 😄

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      1. Eric

        I dunno if its a thing but perhaps we ought to make it one? Because that was a lot of fun to read. Making it in the late 19th c. just added to the appeal for me.

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        1. I bet you if it’s not the url had been reserved. I have another mad idea like this based on a sport but I’m turning that into short stories although it’s in its infancy so no spoilers.
          Oh the date was a must it had to be that time period, it made everything that more selacious. Plus by aging it I thought it would be accepted better, the Internet may be too lazy to research the truth.

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          1. I just gave it a shot. I teased a hand in the doorway to Eric’s office. He said “what the heck are you doing?” I said I was trying appendage teasing. He is still laughing. It did not lead to coitus, unfortunately. Fail.

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            1. AHAHAHAHA!!!!!

              Oh that poor man, if it wasn’t for making him laugh I don’t know how he’d put up with your madness. I should know, it’s why the womenfolk run from me 😄

              I’m sorry it never led to coitus but to be fair that’s only stage 3 of a 6 stage ritual. You gotta complete the courting dance my dear!

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  1. I’ve been leaving comments all over your blog and they’re not showing up!! Is it WordPress? I’m so frustrated! My comments are wondrous works of art! How could they just disappear????


  2. Ok, let’s see if my comments will work NOW (exhausting fighting WordPress)

    ….I can’t even find words for this post because I’m still laughing so hard over appendage teasing…

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    1. …nope still not working proper. Auto spam for some unknown reason. Let’s hope it’s getting fixed with support involved.

      I think the appendage stage is my favourite but the bio of the anthropologist is full of brilliant nonsense too!

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