To My Keyboard Confidant


Though you’re not with me in person

You’re always here in spirit

Helping when I’m uncertain

To smash though my perceived limits


Speaking by typed out letters

Your voice is created in my head

Always encouraging me to be better

With the wonderful messages you send


I’m sorry my replies can be long

I never know when I should stop

I can’t help myself rambling on

Enthralled by the stories we swap


When my phone gets a notification

I’m always hoping, it’s a message from you

There’s never any better conversation

Than one sparked, from your amazing point of view


You inspire creative thoughts

Your approvals the only one I seek

You never get frustrated or cross

At this rambling eccentric old geek


We may never speak in person

So it’s important you always know

You’ve helped give my life actual purpose

With the keyboard friendship you bestow



Cameron D Hamilton 04/08/2016



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