Quitting Time

[Regular readers will know I’m not happy with my current employer, I’ve been driven to depression and don’t recognise the man I know I am.  I want more in life than to be damaged just so I can make a little money.  Well I’m happy to tell you all that today I have quit.  It’s the healthy decision and It’s already made me feel more relaxed.  I wrote a quick poem on the bus home that I thought would be nice to share here to mark that day that I finally said enough is enough.  Though I may now be unemployed I’ll be fine, I know what I’m doing even if it doesn’t look like it.  Feel free to recommend a new career path or ideas on what I should do with my future.  I need a new challenge, a new purpose and to do something worthwhile.  Tomorrow is going to be interesting…]


Quitting Time



I quit my job today

The business cheered hooray

I could no longer stay

So I quietly went away


They didn’t really want me there

They never even really cared

For a man so very rare

Driven to despair


I’ve outgrown this harmful workplace

It puts me in a terrible headspace

But don’t worry I’m easily replaced

Don’t worry I’m easily erased


They’re glad I’m gone; I know this to be true

Sighing in relief, with a “whew”

No regrets, I get a new life to pursue

Its choice that was way overdue


Cameron D Hamilton 02/08/2016

Oh and just as an aside, if anyone from my former employer is surreptitiously reading this blog and wants to keep in touch you can email me at cdhamilton87@gmail.com.  Sorry I never got to say goodbye to everyone.  Everything happened so fast but trust me, this is the best decision I’ve made since I opened this blog and look at how much good that’s done me.


23 thoughts on “Quitting Time

  1. Emma Beane

    Cheers – it’s best you realize it was time to go… follow your passions, for they lead you where you need to be! And I know you gave it your all from earlier posts! ❤

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    1. This year I’ve been on a physical health kick and I’m probably the fittest I’ve been in years. Consequently the mental health plummeted. Haha! Half the year is gone so it’s time I fix my head.
      Thanks for the encouragement and support, I was worried people would be disappointed but that’s why I love this place and the truly amazing people I’ve met 😊

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        1. I think we all have here. Well actually It may just be that those damaged souls all follow the same tags, find the interesting commenters and build a mini community inside the lager WordPress beast.
          I suppose now I’m a man of leisure I’ll have more time to play here 😄

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    1. So very true. It’s all well and good being rich but if you’re too afraid to go outside what good do riches do.
      Thank you so much for the support it truly means a lot to me. The high of the immediate decision has worn off and reality is setting in, support like this really helps


  2. I recently did this and it’s shocking how much a job can be a prison that utterly destroys you. There’s no money worth that and I’m glad you walked away! Don’t listen to any judgement. You didn’t do it for them. You did it for you and only you know what you really need. Maybe consider entering some writing contests? I think you’d have a good chance at winning a little cash since you’re marvelously talented.

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    1. Awww your too kind
      I’m sorry that you’ve went through something like this its utterly soul destroying. It’s been a week now and I don’t know what im doing with myself but one thing I’m sure of is this was the best choice

      Writing contests? I don’t even know where I’d find anything like that. It’s a really good idea.
      I’ve actually been wanting to go and perform but there’s nothing around here and the big city scares me, especially when I have no one who’d go with me.

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  3. Have you ever thought of pursuing writing/blogging? Self-publishing your own book has never been easy because of print on demand. And you can actually buy your own domain for $18 and apply for WordAds as long as there is no copyrighted stuff on your blog they’ll accept you 🙂 Photography is also a nice career for you 🙂 There is always demand for wedding photographers and other stuff like that. I wish you the best with your life Cameron 🙂 Do what makes you happy and healthy 🙂

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    1. I have 3 titles planned for poetry, right now I’m collating working my way up to 200 posts when I’m going to do a revamp of the site. I want to release the ‘Tails of ‘Rabbitopolous’ novelette for next easter and I have a short story series I’ve plotted and will begin working on next week. The writing is where I want to go but it’s going to take a while to live off that.
      I love the suggestion for domain, I might have to add that to the post 200 revamp.
      Photography would be alot of fun, I’ve actually gotten really friendly with my local photo shop because I’m always in buying frames.
      Thank you so much for the support it really settles my chaotic mind. I know I made the right choice it’s that first next step that I may need my hand held through. ❤😊

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  4. Yeah! Tell them to shove it!! I’m so happy to see you happier, even if it’s a scary unknown now. I’ll be with you through it all!


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