Personal Preference


If I happen to work on a Sunday, there’s an important report to create

I get to use some of my creative talents to advise and educate

It’s time consuming but simple, the real work is in the presentation

I put my heart into every one, so I’m not fond of your condemnation



Why are you so surprised, that I don’t take you critiques so well?

It’s hard enough for me to come to work here, in this soul destroying hell

I wouldn’t mind so much, if you actually had something constructive to say

So until you do, would you be so kind, as to shut up and go away



So you’ve got a personal preference, on a job you’ve never done

Is belittling a damaged employee your idea of having fun?

Just because you’re in management, it doesn’t give you the right

To denigrate my work because you’re not overly fond on the sight



Do you even know what you’re talking about when it comes to all this stuff?

If the task has been completed correctly, isn’t that more than enough?

Your presentation opinions aren’t my concern, please keep them to yourself

Just because you’re in management, doesn’t mean you can harm my health



I’ve followed all of the guidelines, what you demand of me isn’t fair

You don’t pay me enough to indulge in all your power tripping affairs

The job got done, the way it always has; it’s never been an issue before

I’ve enough stress from this place without you throwing this at my door



It’s not my fault if you flat out refuse to do any work at the weekend

How dare you try and judge me over a job you don’t comprehend

If you want it done, in your own ‘special’ way, then you come in and do it

Instead of unjustly berating your staff, you horrid obnoxious hypocrite



Cameron D Hamilton 02/08/2016



10 thoughts on “Personal Preference

  1. Emma Beane

    I hear the utter disgust in your voice… like you said, I guess it’s time to move on… 🙂
    Wherever you go, go where your multi-talents are appreciated!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s funny how this happened ans the following day I just gave up.
      Might not have happened if my mangers wasn’t on holiday but sadly it was one of the big bosses who’s on record as no understanding me.
      I went out with dignity but wow they didn’t deserve me!

      Liked by 1 person

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