Public Transport Parenting

On the top deck, of a double decker bus
Two young girls played at front window
Not making any bother, or any fuss
But their father wouldn’t let it continue

They much such an adorable impression
Their playful spirits were truly alive
The eldest was no more than the age seven
The younger, no older than five

Barking loudly at the elder girl
Father grabbing at her arm
No kindness, just a vicious snarl
That caused all onlookers alarm

Pulling at her violently

Throwing her down onto a chair
Growling harshly and unjustly
Unfatherly and unfair

The youngest was still allowed
To remain standing there and play
Is it favouritism he endows
In this unnecessary display

The elder girl tries to stand
But she’s always thrown back to the seat
Defiant of her father’s confusing demands
Her intent, innocent and sweet

Trying to supress the tears that well her eyes
Her father’s actions are making no sense
Why can her sister play, while she’s being denied
I want nothing more, than to leap to her defence

Watching in horror as the events unfold
Anger surges through my veins
How dare this so called man forcefully scold
And cause his eldest daughter such pain

Scared and confused, with eyes full of tears
She still craves her father’s affection
His actions have played on her innocent fears
Yet she still looks to him for protection

Children often push boundaries and misbehave
She’d done nothing wrong, this wasn’t the case
I want to defend and protect her, wishing I was brave
Put a stop to her father’s parental disgrace

In no way am I an imposing figure of a man
I’d not fare well if I started a fight
In this moment I want to be more than I am
Yet resorting to more violence isn’t right

I don’t have any children to call my own
My judgements will therefore get no respect
I’m disgusted at the lack of parenting skills shown
His fury has me utterly perplexed

I dare not speak, I dare not move
I know it’s not my place to get involved
It’s true I strongly disapprove
But who cares if I’m appalled

There’s better ways for a man to discipline a child
Than exposing his rage and violent temper
She done nothing to justify him getting so riled
He’s meant to be her guardian and defender

A public example of poor parenting skills
If only I could mount a rescue
Observing it all, it’s giving me chills
And there’s nothing that I can do

If I’m ever graced by having a daughter
I couldn’t ever treat her that way
I would never inflict the kind of horror
That I witnessed that poor girl suffer today


Cameron D Hamilton 01/08/2016



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