Cnoc Na Fèille (The Hill At The Market Stance)



The village had two families that constantly fought
The origin unclear, everyone had forgot
Over many generations their violence had diminished
Yet the hatred lived on, neither dared to relinquish


There was a young boy and girl, from opposite families
Who played along with all the old bitter formalities
Till one day they saw each other and became hopelessly entranced
The moment their eyes met, by the hill at the market stance


The parents caught the budding looks of lust in their eyes
Banning their children from consorting with the ones they despise
The warning only served to make their romantic feelings swell
Children by nature are always looking to rebel


Each visit to the market they’d search for each other
The rebellious quest that made their hearts flutter
Every week without fail in a lucky happenstance
They’d pass each other by the hill at the market stance


All this flirting in stolen glances was getting them nowhere
Taking pen to paper the boy would propose a secret affair
He’d slip her this love note the next time he saw her
He’d take care both their parents didn’t see the amorous transfer


His words weren’t very poetic, but showed the longing in his heart
He knew they were meant to be together, they shouldn’t be forced apart
If her feelings were the same and she was brave enough to take a chance
She’s meet him in secret that night, on the hill at the market stance


Love could slowly blossom as they met for an hour each night
Sharing stories and affection under the romantic moonlight
Their parents could never find out about their treacherous tryst
Yet neither one could care, fears melting away as they kissed


Growing more frustrated by the family rules they must obey
Impetuous by youth, the lovers planned to run away
They’d been left no other choice, if they wanted to a happy life
They’d have to leave the village to live as husband and wife


The feuding families wouldn’t approve, they’d never let them be
Not ever the purest of true love would ever get them to agree
They tired of all the dramatics their families forced them to believe
They tired of meeting in secret and always having to deceive


The village was all they knew, to leave would be a great decision
They had fears of the unknown, but they couldn’t remain in this prison
Though the village would accept them, their families never could
When they spoke with the priest in secret, he graciously understood


Before they’d leave the village forever, the lovers wanted to be bound
One last memory of home away from their parents’ battleground
They’ll meet once more with the priest, on the hill at the market stance
Where they’ll wed and bind their lives together, forevermore in romance


On the eve of their escape the lovers’ thoughts were on matrimony
Yet tragedy would steal all their star crossed hopes of harmony
Their love no longer secret, their haste had raised suspicion
Warring families would appear, violently stating opposition


It had been years since the families had threatened violence
This unholy union woke a rage that was riotous
The men bore arms, while the women bore scowls
Words were exchanged through furious growls


Defiantly the lovers refused their parents commands
Their love was stronger than their family’s’ foolish demands
Insults thrown, weapons drawn, the lovers wouldn’t relent
Savagely the families clashed in combat, escalating the argument


Begging and pleading with their parents to stop their foolish feud
Only served to anger them more, they wouldn’t be subdued
Amid the chaos of this tussle the lovers would meet their end
Killed as they tried to save the other, no chance to defend


Dying in each other’s arms, the lovers would finally be free
The families called a truce, but still they couldn’t see
Justifying this accidental slaughter as a necessary evil
The village would disagree, causing outrage and upheaval


Tired of the longstanding feud, the village made a declaration
This latest act of butchery would come with no salvation
Both families were banished, neither would be welcome
No longer would the village be infected by their venom


Taken from the world too soon the entire village mourned
In tribute to their love they agreed the hill would be transformed
The girl and boy would be buried, on the hill at the market stance
A testament to a love pure and true, no matter your family circumstance


To this day young star crossed lovers are said to visit the sight
Hoping to see an apparition that only takes place at night
A young boy and a girl together in eternal romance
Sharing stories and affection on the hill at the market stance



Cameron D Hamilton  24/07/2016


The finale of this weeks ‘Playlist Poetry’ series is dedicated to one of my all time favourite bands, the legendary Scottish folk rockers Runrig.  This is one of my favourite songs, it’s taken from the ‘Once in a lifetime’ live album. Sung in gaelic and builds to a fantastic finale.  I don’t speak gaelic, I really wish I did.  Have a listen to the song, its way better than my rambling poem.


I hope everyone reading has enjoyed this series.  Feel free to comment and let me know if you think I should do a series like this again.  Maybe even recommend a few titles to see what nonsense I can create.




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