Make Me Wanna Die

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When you tell me about your tortures I always fill with shame

For ever foolishly believing that I had ever experienced pain


You make me wanna die if there’s a chance it could save your soul

If I thought that it could work, I would happily play that role


If I could dry your tears, and return your amazing smile

Trading my life for yours would be exceptionally worthwhile


You make me wanna die, if it could give you life anew

If anyone has to be tormented I’d rather it be me over you


I don’t know if you share my affections, but honestly I don’t even care

It’s more important that you survive, so my life for yours sounds fair


You make me wanna die, to save you from troubles and set you free

I’ll never stop trying to protect you, because you mean the world to me


I don’t know if you’ll ever want to, allow us to be together

Please know that whatever happens, I’m going to love you forever


You make me wanna die for you and if I do, please save your tears

You’re going to do amazing things, once you’re free of your fears


Cameron D Hamilton 23/07/16



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