Don’t Believe A Word



She said at the beginning, “there’s no-one else I’d rather be with than you”
Her words were very sweet, but turned out to be completely untrue
She said “I’ll never hurt you; I’ll never make you cry”
Her words won my heart, but were nothing more than a lie


She was the best person in my life; I thought we’d never go awry
I can’t believe that our relationship would turn out to be a lie
She always made me laugh as she mocked my unique point of view
Now I’m not that sure, if anything she ever said to me was true


She said in the middle, “I’ll never love anyone as much as I love you”
Her words had made me whole; I just wish that they were still true
She said it every night, it was my favourite lullaby
It broke me up inside when it turned out to be a lie


She never failed to tie my stomach in knots with butterflies
She never tried to convince me that what we had wasn’t a lie
She never failed to cheer me up when I was feeling blue
She never wanted to hurt me, but I’m not sure if that’s actually true


She said at the end “I’m so very sorry; I’m no longer in love with you”
Her words shattered my heart and her eyes told me they were true
She said “in time we can still be friends”, in that moment I wanted to die
I can’t believe this is happening, I wish this was truly the lie


She made no sense; her words confused me, her decision mystified
She made me reassess everything, was our time together a lie
She made her apologies for the grief, she knew that would ensue
She made her exit, gone forever; I knew this to be true


Don’t believe a word you tell yourself, when your relationship is through
Don’t believe a word; they’ll never be completely true
Don’t believe a word you tell yourself, because words can tell lies
And lies are no comfort when there are tears in your eyes


Cameron D Hamilton 21/07/2016



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