The Chain

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I can always feel it there
Holding me in place
Constantly ensnared
By its strangling embrace


My own masochistic design
Stronger than any mere steel
Ensuring the rapid decline
Of any happiness I feel


If only I could snap
These self invented ties
Escape this constricting trap
Before the best parts of me die


I dream of a mind that’s free
Of the anchor that holds me back
I want to be able to see
A way to get my life on track


If I cry for help will anyone listen
I think I need to be saved
Help might lead me out of my prison
And give me the peace that I crave


Alone I know I can’t break the chain
That’s suffocating my soul
I can no longer stand these mental pains
Please can you help me feel whole


Cameron D Hamilton 19/07/2016


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