Enter Sandman


I couldn’t tell who the figure was
He didn’t belong here whoever he was
Living alone I was on the defensive
Justifiably reacting, fearfully aggressive


Cascading softly onto the carpet
Twinkling from the gentle light of the moon
No sound, just the terror in his eyes
Sand pours slowly as he tragically dies


An intruder shown no mercy or quarter
A brutal and horrific slaughter
He was laid to rest on the bedroom floor
As consequence, I would rest no more


With no blood, just sand that glistened in the light
I finally realised who I butchered tonight
The sandman was dead by my terror struck hand
I fell to the floor, no longer able to stand


The sandman’s body crumbled before me
Till there was nothing but sand left to see
Speechless, tears start to roll down my face
Disgusted, distraught over this utter disgrace


Desperation drove my hands into the sand
“Don’t be dead, get up” I tried to tearfully command
The sparkling grains of sand trickled through my fingers
Fading growing dull, life force refused to linger


Tears fell to the sand and it started to change
A light rekindled but acting very strange
Crawling on my skin I was quickly enveloped
This wasn’t what I asked for but more than I hoped


Reflected in the window the light shone bright
A new sandman would soon take flight
Fears melted away replaced with purpose
To enter the dream filled sandman service


No more to sleep, no more to dream
This is how I’ll be redeemed
I’ve taken the life of a guardian of light
All because I overreacted in fright


The penance for my horrific attack
A life awake, but as no insomniac
No more to sleep, but to deliver dreams
Dancing quietly amongst moonbeams


Cameron D Hamilton 18/07/2016


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