Rudely Awoken #09

Drunken Revelry On A Residential Street


Seriously kids! Are you actually deranged?! The adults are trying to sleep!

Is there any chance that you could stop, screaming in the middle of the street?!


I know you’ve had a drink and it’s been a fantastic night

But we’ve all had enough of your antics; go home, before I get less polite


I really don’t like drunk people and I really hate drunk young adults

There’s nothing more annoying, than hearing them trade insults


It seems like every third words a curse word and every seventh has to be screamed

Just the thing to be woken up to, torn away from all my pleasant dreams


Why can’t you go play grab ass with those giggling girls inside

Your drunken words are being broadcast and though nights echoes, amplified


Yes I know it must be fun to get drunk and have a laugh

But I don’t care, that some girl you like, just sent you a saucy photograph


Why oh why when people get drunk, do they decide it’s a great time to sing?

Give it a rest or I’ll do it for you, I’ve got some blunt objects I’m not afraid to fling


Is it wrong that I’m very tempted, to grab my phone and call the police?

I just want to get back to sleep, seriously why won’t you give me peace?!


Its two o’clock in the morning and I’ve got to be up at five

I swear if it doesn’t stop, come the morn, none of you’ll be alive


Go home and bother your parents, I’m sure they’ll think your noise is a treat

Wait; do you even live round here?   Who cares!   Just get off the street!!!!


Cameron D Hamilton 16/07/2016

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